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Walmart Takes Shocking Anti 2nd Amendment Stance, Stops Selling 9mm Ammo and 223 Ammo Among Others

Walmart Takes Shocking Anti 2nd Amendment Stance, Stops Selling 9mm Ammo and 223 Ammo Among Others
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By Ammunition Depot
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Walmart Takes Shocking Anti 2nd Amendment Stance, Stops Selling 9mm Ammo and 223 Ammo Among Others

Earlier today Walmart announced the latest phase in its efforts to hamper your ability to exercise your second amendment rights.  They have made the decision to stop selling 9mm ammo, .223 ammo, and 5.56 ammo among other calibers.  As the world's largest retailer, largest company by revenue (almost $515 Billion), and largest private employer (2.2 million employees), when Walmart makes a move like this it can have a significant negative impact on Americans' ability to access the firearms and ammunition necessary to defend themselves and their families.  Luckily most Americans can still get cheap 9mm ammo and bulk .223 ammo from online retailers like Ammunition Depot.

So what exactly did Walmart do?

Walmart announced today that they will “discontinue sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber.”  This will likely also include alternative calibers for the AR 15 platform like 7.62x39 also known as AK Ammo or AK 47 Ammo and newer calibers like 6.5 grendel.  It’s possible Walmart will stop selling .308 ammo and other calibers commonly associated with the AR 10 platform as well.

Walmart also announced that after selling through inventory they will stop selling ALL HANDGUN AMMO, this will mean no more grabbing a deal on bulk 9mm ammo from Walmart and will probably mean no more .45 ACP ammo, .40 S&W ammo, or .380 ACP ammo either.

They are also discontinuing the sales of handguns in Alaska (they already don’t sell handguns anywhere else) and are asking customers not to open carry, even in areas where it is lawful to do so.  Does that mean I can’t OWB (Outside the WaistBand) carry in Walmart anymore as I might imprint? Only time will tell.

Didn’t Walmart already do this?

Well, yes and no.  Walmart has previously made the decision to restrict their consumer’s access to other firearms protected under the second amendment (as they are legally permitted to do, but probably shouldn’t).  In 1993, shortly after their founder and chairman Sam Walton died, they stopped selling handguns (everywhere except Alaska). In 2006 they ended all firearms sales in 2/3rds of their stores. In 2008 Walmart decided that a firearm registry was a good idea and started keeping computerized records and video recordings of all firearms sales.  In 2012 they went ever further when they decided that certain cosmetic features make a firearm “military style” and stopped selling AR 15s, AK 47s, and similar firearms.  Last year, Walmart started refusing to sell rifles to customers under 21, and removed toys resembling “assault-style” rifles from its shelves.

With all of these restrictions I guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Walmart is taking another tumble down the slippery slope to deprive Americans of their ability to exercise their rights.  You can still get birdshot at Walmart… for now.

Walmart may be ok stomping on your rights, but Ammunition Depot will never waiver when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. Check out our huge selection of ammo, firearms, and accessories all at great prices.  See other things Ammunition Depot is doing to defend your 2nd Amendment rights here.

7 months ago
Larry Lawyer
7 months ago at 5:39 PM
The final straw with Wal mart. Will be boycotting them & yes I will spend more money locally!!!
Karey Engel
7 months ago at 10:13 AM
So does this mean they will stop selling cellphones and cellphone accessories, along with alcoholic beverages? Also cigarettes? A heck if alot more lives are taken and effected from those than from firearms.
John Bartlett
7 months ago at 11:41 AM
Walmart has lost my busiest will not buy anything from Walmart I will drive out of my way to buy from someone else