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10mm Ammo

About 10mm Ammo

Created by Lt Colonel Jeff Cooper in 1983, 10mm ammo was initially designed to be an improvement over the 45 ACP and eventually be its replacement as the ideal combat pistol.
With a cartridge short enough to use in a semi-automatic pistol, 10mm ammo is available in both full metal jacket (FMJ) and hollow point (HP) variations.

Common Names for 10mm Rounds

Since its initial release over 35+ years ago, 10mm ammunition has had many different name variations. Some of the most common include:

•  10mm•  10mm Ammo•  10mm Caliber
•  10mm Automatic•  10mm Auto•  10mm Lite

•  10mm FBI

Regardless of your preferred terminology, 10mm ammo has come a long way and gained its fair share of popularity over the years and why it's available in the lineup of every major American ammo manufacturer.

10mm Ammo Benefits

Although typically more expensive than other mainstream calibers like 45ACP, when it comes to price per round, 10mm ammunition can vary according to availability.

With its growing popularity amongst firearm enthusiasts nationwide, 10mm ammunition can easily be found and purchased online and throughout most gun shops.

Standard 10mm ammunition measures 10.17mm (.400 inch) and sits in a rimless, straight-walled casing .992 inches long. Together, they measure 1.250 inches, according to the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI).

With its flatter trajectory, 10mm rounds can transfer their energy to a target more accurately and at a greater range than the 45 Auto.

What Guns Shoot 10mm?

GlockSmith & WessonSIG SAUERSpringfield ArmoryRock Island
Glock 20M&P 10 2.0P220 LegionXD-MTAC Ultra
Glock 40Model 610 P220 EmperorXD-M EliteTAC Ultra FS
P320 XTenXD-M Elite CompactTAC Ultra MS
1911 10mm

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