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How to Store Your Gun Safely for Home Defense

Storing guns at home may seem relatively easy on the surface level, but it isn't as simple as throwing them in a box or hiding it in your cellar. It's nothing like storing a knife. Proper gun storage requires you to consider every detail of the place you need to defend, such as floor plan, jurisdiction, level of comfort with firearms, family size, state laws, safe placement, and much more. 

14 day ago

Everything You Wanted to Know About Choosing the Best Home Defense Rifle

America has always been a nation of riflemen. The history of rifles in the USA dates back to the Revolutionary War and maybe even further. The love for rifles never waned and is still as strong as it ever was, so much so that people have started considering rifles as a dependable firearm for their homes. Yes, that's right, we are talking rifles for home security. 

16 day ago

5 Things to Consider When Implementing a Home Defense Strategy

Home defense is a multi-faceted issue. You can’t rely on a single method when ensuring your family’s safety. Sure, having firearms on-site is a good start, but you need more than guns when dealing with an intruder. The plan you have in place will be just as important as the firepower you purchase. 

20 day ago

The Right Way to Load, Discharge, and Clear a Shotgun Safely

Shotguns are a perennial favorite with American firearm owners due to their wide range of applications ranging from home defense to competition shooting to hunting. Some sources say a third of all gun sales can be attributed to shotguns, while others cite 63% of gun owners having a shotgun.

1 month ago

9 Life-Saving Tips for Women Who Concealed Carry

How many times have you stood outside your vehicle searching for your keys in your bag unaware of what's happening around you? How often have you walked through a dark parking garage or an empty street completely vulnerable to anyone in the area? It only takes a moment for someone to approach you, grab you, and take you away with force, and you need to be prepared for these situations. 

1 month ago