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2023 Glock Performance Trigger
9mm vs 30 Super Carry, 30 Supe Carry vs 9mm
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Ammunition Breakdown - 9mm vs 30 Super Carry

Growing in popularity, 30 Super Carry Ammunition continues to generate buzz throughout the firearm community. Continue reading our Gun Blog Article and get the information you need to better understand the differences between 9mm vs 30 Super Carry.

Ammunition Depot Holiday Gift Guide
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Holiday Gift Giving for the Gun Enthusiast in Your Life

If you have a firearms enthusiast in your life, there is no better way of showing how much you care about them than by purchasing them a gift for their guns! Ammunition Depot has curated a list of special gifts that are sure to make that shooter in your life smile this holiday season.

9mm Penetration Test
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9mm Ammo Penetration Test – FMJ vs JHP

In this video ammunition review, our Ammunition Depot firearms expert Matt field-tests popular 9mm ammo types by comparing the penetration power of FMJ vs JHP 9mm ammo against some common everyday items and barrier materials.

Buck Shot vs Bird Shot For Self Defense
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Buck Shot vs Bird Shot For Self Defense

If there’s one topic in the discussion of home defense that is argued about as much as the 9mm vs the 45, it’s whether birdshot or 00 Buck should be used in a shotgun. I’ve heard experienced law enforcement officers and tactical trainers argue for both. So, what’s the truth? Can birdshot be effective in a home defense shotgun, or will it only make your attacker mad? Well, I’m going to give you the facts and you can make up your own mind.

Scout Scope vs Red Dot vs LPVO
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Optics For Close Encounters: Red Dot vs Scout Scope vs LPVO

When it comes to selecting a close- to moderate-range optical sight for your carbine there are essentially three options. There is a wide selection of red dot sights and LPVO (low power variable optics) and there are a few scout scopes to choose from. Which is best for you and your carbine? It will depend. Here’s a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each, and where they might best serve you.

Bonded vs Non-Bonded Ammo
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Bonded vs Non-Bonded Handgun Bullets

When it comes to defensive handgun bullets there’s a misconception that bonded bullets are more lethal than non-bonded bullets. Some believe that the bonding of the bullet’s jacket to its core will make the bullet stop bad guys faster. Bonded defensive handgun bullets do have some advantages over their non-bonded counterparts, but you might be surprised to learn just exactly what those advantages are.

.327 Magnum vs .357 Magnum Caliber Comparison
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.327 Magnum vs .357 Magnum - Caliber Comparison

The .357 Magnum is a power round for self defence and hunting, but the .327 Federal Magnum can be a better choice for personal protection because it has much more managable recoil and you're able to get 6 rounds in a small revolver vs. five rounds from a .357 Magnum. 

.380 vs 9mm - Caliber Comparison
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Concealed Carry: 380 vs 9mm - Caliber Comparison

When comparing the .380 Auto and 9mm, terminal performance is one measure. But termianl effectiveness is not the only consideration when it comes to concealed carry. In some instances, and for some people, the .380 Auto can be a better choice.

Open vs Closed Red Dot Sights
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Red Dot Sights: Open vs. Closed Emitters

A red dot on a pistol is the smartest single step to take to shrink your pistol’s group sizes. When you start shopping for a pistol red dot sight one of the first branches in the decision tree  is choosing between an open emitter and a closed emitter. The open emitter is more common because it’s less expensive, easier to manufacture, and smaller. But closed emitter sights have become more common of late.