Personal Defense

Which Bullet Does the Most Damage?

When wondering about ammo, simply asking “what bullets do the most damage?” is a vague question which needs to be qualified in order for it to make sense. While there are many reasons that one might be curious about such a thing, the one being addressed here is if someone is trying to make an informed decision about which rounds best suit home defense or everyday carry needs. Read on to learn more about powerful rounds for these situations.
3 day ago

Choosing the Right Firearms Insurance for You and Your Family

In the right hands, firearms can mean safety for you and the ones you care about. Proper form, awareness of the law, and weapon maintenance are three of the four hallmarks of a responsible gun owner. The last is realizing that a gun can also become a liability in a number of ways even for the most conscientious person. This applies whether you’re outside or protecting your home.

13 day ago

What Is the Best All-Purpose Gun?

You can’t use a hammer as a screwdriver, and the same is true with guns. You wouldn’t try to do long-range shooting with a shotgun, of course. But we do all have one or two go-to tools that we grab first before moving on to more specialized stuff, and that’s the idea behind having an all-purpose gun. In this post, we’ll consider the criteria you’d want an all-purpose firearm to meet and then evaluate our best options.
2 months ago

AK-47 vs M-16: Which Is the Best?

If you ever want to start a fight, a good way to get the sparks flying is to wonder aloud whether the AK-47 is better than the M-16. The debate over these two rifles can be as intense as the Cold War that spawned them, and it isn’t a question that’s easily answered. Let’s take a look at the history and learn a good bit about both before drawing our own conclusions.
2 months ago

What Is Ball Ammo?

Like most gun terminology, "ball ammunition" is a phrase you may have heard or even repeated pretty often without knowing exactly what it means. Unfortunately, there’s precious little readily-available information about what is and isn’t ball ammo, So we’re going to address it here. Read on to discover what ball ammo is and what sets it apart.
3 months ago