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What's the Best Handgun I Could Buy for Under $120?

Amidst a global pandemic and an explosion of panic-purchases of everything from ammunition to toilet paper, it's become obvious that being prepared for any situation is no longer something relegated to the realm of paranoia — it's just sensible. For many people, part of that preparedness involves the purchase of a firearm. Setting a budget is absolutely a good place to start, and it’s important to be realistic. Read on to figure out what a pragmatic budget for an affordable handgun can look like, and which kinds of firearms you can get at those price points.

5 Tips for Buying the Right Ammo for Your Gun

New gun owners can be forgiven for thinking a 9mm is a 9mm, and that one box of ammo is as good as any other, but the ammunition you buy makes a real difference in the way your gun performs. Knowing your ammo is part of becoming a better shooter, and there are more than a few ways to get tripped up if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Here’s a guide on how to dodge those pitfalls and find the ammo you’re looking for.
5 day ago

Are Sig Sauer Handguns Worth the Money?

There's never any shortage of extreme division about any subject that arises — least of all firearms manufacturers, and Sig Sauer isn't immune from this. Some people are Sig haters, and some are Sig fanboys, with many people falling in between these extremes. With guns, as with all things, context is king: The real question is whether Sig Sauer handguns are worth the money to you. Find out what makes a Sig special and determine if the classic brand is a fit for your preferred type of firearm.
8 day ago

How Do Double-Action and Semi-Automatic Pistols Differ?

The sheer volume of terminology can be a barrier to entry for new gun owners, with terms like “double-action” and “striker-fired” getting tossed around without much context to shed light on their meanings. While the glossary of terms might seem like the big obstacle in your way, approaching it head-on can actually be a great way to become comfortable in your new hobby. Jump into this straightforward guide on different types of pistols to get started.
12 day ago

Should I Buy a Revolver or Semi-Automatic?

New gun purchases in the United States are at an all-time high, and it's pretty unlikely that big game hunting and target shooting have suddenly gotten popular enough to more than double the number of background checks being run nationwide. Likelier by far is that most of the new gun sales are for self-defense, which is why a lot of people are choosing handguns for their first firearms. This leads to a time-honored question: Which is best for self-defense, revolvers or semi-automatics? There’s no simple answer, so read on to get the rundown on the advantages of each.
19 day ago

What Is the Difference Between 115-grain and 124-grain 9mm Ammo?

Grain is a measure of weight referring specifically to the weight of the bullet itself, but that’s hardly the whole picture. While the basic difference between a 115-grain round and a 124-grain round is their respective weights, to say nothing else would exclude a whole lot of vital distinctions. A heavier round will, for example, alter cycling, impact on the target, and recoil. Read on to learn the ins and outs of how bullet grain can change your shooting experience.
26 day ago

What to Expect When Buying a Gun Online | Ammunition Depot

Everybody buys everything online; it’s not a niche anymore, and it hasn’t been for awhile. It’s possible that as many as a few million people in the United States would like to bargain shop for a gun online given the option, but the dense tangle of state and federal laws makes this problematic. In some ways, the law governing internet gun sales is a half-century behind the tech curve, and plenty of people approach buying a gun online with a great deal of uncertainty. Check out this piece for a quick rundown on what you can expect when you make your first gun purchase online.
29 day ago

Gun Safety for Kids: A Beginner’s Guide | Ammunition Depot

With as many as 393 million guns in private hands in the US, it's inevitable that many families' children will take an interest in shooting. Learning to safely handle a gun is a great way for kids to pick up good habits and become more responsible, and it's important to teach kids right and to do so safely. Here are a few ways you can make sure your kids stay safe while handling guns.
1 month ago

What Is Subsonic Ammunition & How Does It Work? | Ammunition Depot

Subsonic ammunition is ammunition specifically manufactured so the round doesn't break the sound barrier, and, despite existing as long as firearms have, it’s currently experiencing a bit of a renaissance. But why the sudden resurgence? Should you need or want it? While it isn't an overly complicated subject, there is plenty to discuss regarding subsonic ammo. Let’s take the time to delve into its specs and its uses.
1 month ago

Which Guns Use .223 Ammo? | History of .223 Ammo | Ammunition Depot

You might have noticed there are a lot of options for purchasing .223 Remington ammunition. This is because the .223 Remington is a small-caliber, high-velocity round — it can travel far and still strike with enough velocity to do its job. Quite simply, the .223 Remington is a battle-proven, time-tested round that does exactly what it was designed to do, and that’s why it’s as popular as it is. There are a variety of rifle manufacturers producing guns chambered in this venerable cartridge, including everything from the AR platform to bolt-action rifles. Read on to learn more about them.
1 month ago