Gun Safety for Kids: A Beginner’s Guide | Ammunition Depot

With as many as 393 million guns in private hands in the US, it's inevitable that many families' children will take an interest in shooting. Learning to safely handle a gun is a great way for kids to pick up good habits and become more responsible, and it's important to teach kids right and to do so safely. Here are a few ways you can make sure your kids stay safe while handling guns.
4 months ago

What Is Subsonic Ammunition & How Does It Work? | Ammunition Depot

Subsonic ammunition is ammunition specifically manufactured so the round doesn't break the sound barrier, and, despite existing as long as firearms have, it’s currently experiencing a bit of a renaissance. But why the sudden resurgence? Should you need or want it? While it isn't an overly complicated subject, there is plenty to discuss regarding subsonic ammo. Let’s take the time to delve into its specs and its uses.
4 months ago

Is Buying Bulk Ammo Worth It For You? | Ammunition Depot

No matter how many times you’ve purchased ammo, the thought has likely crossed your mind: Should I buy ammo in bulk? Whether you buy ammunition in bulk is going to be among the most situationally-driven questions you’ll face in all of gun ownership, and the answer depends more than anything on your individual circumstance. Read this guide to help determine whether buying bulk ammo is the right decision for you.
4 months ago

What Is Dry Firing a Gun & Should You Do It? | Ammunition Depot

Even if you've been around guns for a while, it's possible you've heard of dry firing but never given it much thought. Regardless of your experience level, it's a good idea to become familiar with dry firing. Read on to discover what it is, and when it’s useful.
4 months ago

5 Gun Training Tips to Improve Your Aim | Ammunition Depot

A lot of things go into being able to consistently hit what you're shooting at, and your aim is a big part of that. What might come as a surprise is that there's more to aiming than looking down the sights. It doesn't matter whether it's an AK-47 or a 1911 chambered in .22 — good aim is good aim. Take a look at these training tips and figure out how to improve yours.
5 months ago

How To Purchase A Gun During Quarantine | Ammunition Depot

Demand for guns and ammunition are at an all-time high since the coronavirus pandemic reached American shores. While this rush on guns and ammo is certainly good for the industry, it has created some challenges for shoppers. In this guide, we'll cover the best ways to buy a gun during the pandemic, including the reasons it's a good time to buy, what challenges to expect, and how to get around them.
5 months ago

The Top 5 Best Survival Guns You Could Own | Ammunition Depot

A survival gun is different from a gun used for home defense, competitions, or time on the range specifically intended for use to help you in a survival situation. A survival gun is something that you can use for fending off snakes and various predatory animals while also being able to effectively hunt small game in order to feed yourself; not something you'll use to defend yourself against another person, but rather something for defense against the great outdoors. Read this article to get a feel for which guns are a good fit for this particular task.
6 months ago