How Fast Does a 9mm Bullet Travel? | Ammunition Depot

The 9mm round is a top choice for everyone from law enforcement and military to professional security personnel and civilians. One of the bigger reasons for its popularity is its speed, which allows the 9mm much of its advantages with respect to concealability and capacity. Let’s take a look at why that is.
1 year ago

How To Cock A Gun | Pistol | Rifle | Shotgun| Ammunition Depot

Cocking and de-cocking a hammer-fired pistol may seem intimidating or complicated. As with all things firearms, it's best to find what you feel safest and most comfortable doing and develop your own routine. Read this guide for tips on how to properly cock or de-cock your gun.
2 years ago

How to Shoot a Gun For the First Time

Shooting a gun for the first time is a fun experience, for sure, but it can cause some anxiety. Not to worry: This is completely normal and nothing to be afraid of; everyone experiences some nervousness and excitement butterflies on their first time pulling the trigger. Check out our guide on shooting a gun for the first time so the butterflies you feel are from excitement and not fear.

2 years ago
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