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Rifle Target Grouping
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How to Improve your Accuracy with Target Grouping

We shoot groups with our rifles to determine the level of precision we can expect from them. We do this to get an idea of how close we can expect our first shot to land to the point we’re aiming at. But the thousand-dollar question has always been, how many shots should the groups we shoot contain, and how many groups should we shoot?

Rifle Ballistic Reticles
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How To Use Ballistic Reticles

Shooting at long distance has become very popular. Aside from very expensive electronically assisted optics, there are several ways to do this with precision. A BDC reticle is one of them. Essentially, the additional aiming points on a BDC style reticle are just guides – quick reference marks – to get you close. With a little fine tuning, they’ll generally work very well out to 400 and sometimes even 500 yards for big game hunting, or even for shooting 10- or 12-inch steel plates at the same distances.

AR15 Zeroing Target