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Shotgun Magazines

About Shotgun Magazines

When it comes to essential components, magazines are easily ranked among the most critical, and having the right magazine for your shotgun is incredibly important.

Whether for having fun on the range or for home defense, having a dependable magazine can make all the difference in the smooth operation of your shotgun.

Given the vast number of models, materials, and capacities in today's accessory market, Ammunition Depot is proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality Shotgun Mags from the manufacturers you trust.

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Common Names for Shotgun Magazines

With the development of new ammunition, firearm models, and firearm manufacturers over the years, we have seen (and heard) many different name variations for their accompanying magazines. Some of the most common names include:

• Shotgun Magazine• Shotgun Mag• Shotgun Drum
• Shotgun Tube• Mag-Fed Shotgun

Shotgun Magazine Features

Although each shotgun magazine or shotgun drum can differ in size, capacity, and material according to its designated model, the primary components will remain the same.

  • The body
  • The Spring
  • The Baseplate
  • The Follower

Compared to traditional models, magazine-fed shotguns tend to be much more effective when it comes to capacity limits.

While not all magazines are created equal regarding overall shell count, owners can expect to find shotgun magazines ranging in count from 5 - 15.

Similarly, shotgun drum capacities will also differ depending on the brand, shotgun model, and more. Still, owners can expect a shell count of at least 20.

Magazine-fed shotguns offer a new solution to the low-capacity, slow reloading issue usually associated with traditional shotgun models and enjoy the increased round capacity without needing an oversized mag tube.

Steel Shotgun Mags tend to be very durable and often have reliable tensile strength springs and precision machined feed lips to aid in feeding rounds. These mags also tend to have a polymer follower, which will help keep the magazine's spring from binding inside the body.

Polymer Shotgun Mags tend to be built exceptionally well and are extremely durable. Over the years, the advancements in polymer have led to numerous developments in magazines to include additional color options and replacing components like the baseplate.

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