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AR15 Magazines

About AR-15 Magazines

Introduced by ArmaLite in 1956 and sold to Colt in 1959, the AR15 rifle has gone from humble beginnings to the most popular modern sporting rifle worldwide. From an operational standpoint, the AR15 is a gas-operated rifle that fires from a locked bolt, meaning that when a cartridge is chambered, the bolt closes behind the case and rotates 15 degrees.

When it comes to essential components, magazines are easily ranked among the most critical, and having the right magazines for your AR15 is incredibly important. Thanks to the AR's infinite modularity, there's no shortage of magazine options to meet the demands of your usage and personal taste.

Ammunition Depot is proud to offer high-quality AR15 mags in various capacities and finishes from the brands you trust. So whether you're looking for a single 30-round magazine like the Magpul PMAG Gen 2, or a 6-pack of Amend2 MOD-2 magazines, we'll have the mag you're looking for to fit your needs.

AR-15 Magazine Features


Although individual magazines can slightly differ according to the manufacturer, there are generally four main components to an AR15 mag.

  • The Follower: The follower is the tray that lifts the cartridges into position.
  • The Spring: The spring powers the follower, generating the force needed to push the rounds upward.
  • The Base Plate: The base plate secures the spring in place and can be swapped out for additional customization.
  • The Body: The body houses all internal components of the magazine in place and is typically composed of metal or polymer.

Steel Construction

Steel AR15 Mags tend to be very durable and often have reliable tensile strength springs and precision machined feed lips to aid in feeding rounds. These mags also tend to have a polymer follower, which will help keep the magazine's spring from binding inside the body.

Standard Capacities

The standard magazine capacity for an AR15 is 30 rounds. However, many magazines are available with much higher capacities, such as Drum Magazines, which can hold 50+ rounds.

Additionally, some state laws have created regulations limiting the number of rounds a magazine can legally hold, generally to ten rounds or less.

Polymer Construction

Polymer AR15 Mags tend to be built exceptionally well and are extremely durable. Over the years, the advancements in polymer have led to numerous development in magazines like witness holes so you can keep an eye on your round count. In addition, many come standard with a wire spring and polymer anti-tilt follower to keep the rounds from binding in the body.

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