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  1. Wilson Combat Flat-wire Recoil Spring Kit, Wils 614 Flatwire Recoil Sprg Kit 45
  2. Strike Recoil Spring, Si G-rps-13 Reduced Pwr Recoil Sprg Glk 13lb
  3. Strike Ar-15, Si Ar-lrsk-pro Lower Spring Gunsmith Kit
  4. Strike Flat Wire Spring, Si Ar-fws-c Ar Flatwire Sprg
  5. Strike Flat Wire Spring, Si Ar10-fws Ar10 Flatwire Sprg
  6. Strike Lower Receiver Spring Kit, Si Ar-lrsk Lower Spring Kit
  7. Wilson Combat Complete Spring Set, Wils 316g Spring Set Full Size
  8. Strike Ar Flat Wire Spring, Si Ar-fws-p Ar Pstl Flatwire Spring
  9. Wilson Combat Custom Tune, Wils 324g Spring Kit 1911 Fs
  10. Wilson Combat Custom Tune, Wils 321 Custom Tune Spring Sw J Frame
  11. Wilson Combat Bullet Proof, Wils 417 Bullet Proof Sear Spring
  12. Wilson Combat Recoil Spring, Wils 703g18 Rec Spring Fs 18#
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