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  1. 5.7x28mm Complete Upper 16" - AR57
  2. ATI Milsport AR15 16" Complete Upper with 13" MLOK A2
  3. ATI AR15 5.56 Complete Upper 16" Omni Hybrid
  4. ATI 450 Bushmaster 16" Milsport Complete Upper Receiver
  5. AR57 5.7x28mm Complete 12" AR Pistol Upper Receiver
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The upper receiver for the AR-15 is a core component that offers a ton of flexibility to the platform (the gun as a weapon system) and to the shooter. The ability to fully customize a rifle/carbine almost completely is what has helped to build the loyal following for the AR-15 over the past 50+ years. The upper receiver provides the biggest catalyst for that custom experience. Ammunition Depot features top quality upper receivers that are made by a wide variety of top producers and feature a versatile and varied set of designs and features.