Furniture from a generic gun perspective generally alludes to the parts of the gun that the shooter holds to steady the firearm while in use. Historically this has been the rifle buttstock and front perch (for the AR15 this is generally inclusive of a forend/handguard). The AR-15 also has a pistol grip on most configurations (except in states that won’t allow certain standard features on some rifles), which is included int eh “Furniture” market segment. Add-ons may include forward positioning for additional pistol grips; add-ons to stocks and collapsible or otherwise modified buttstocks. Forearm furniture/handguards can also be put onto rifles. The AR-15 is not the only firearm that Ammunition Depot stocks furniture for. Furniture will generally include buttstocks; wooden components that are held by the shooter in steadying the firearm regardless of the configuration) and forends, add-ons and other pieces that would generally come in contact with the shooter in the manipulation of the positioning of the firearm. Furniture can, of course, be had in a variety of materials and styles/designs.