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Precision Rimfire, Rimfire Rifle, Rimfire Competitive shooting
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Introduction to Precision Rimfire Shooting

Precision rifle shooting is experiencing an all-time high in popularity and .22 rimfire shooting is experiencing a similar reception. The reasons for the coincident rise in rimfire shooting are the absence of recoil, the relatively short target distances, which makes ranges easier to find, and the slightly lower expenses associated with rimfire competition.

How to keep a Rifle Log Book
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Keep a Rifle Log Book

Generally, rifle logbooks are thought to only be applicable to snipers and competitive shooters who compete at extreme distances. But I also started keeping detailed records for all my rifles. Over time it has proved extremely helpful is several ways.

About .40 S&W Ammunition
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Is The .40 S&W Dead?

In the history of metallic cartridges, the 40 S&W is unique. Like a boy band pushed to prominence by millions of teenage girls, cops across the United States made the .40 S&W incredibly popular. Shortly after its introduction in 1990 it was the most popular cartridge for the law enforcement handgun. However, it turned out the .40 S&W’s half-life was only about 25 years. It’s quarter century reign as the policemen’s pistol was ended by the very agency that inspired its creation.

Failure Drill
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How to Shoot Jeff Cooper's Legendary Failure Drill

The Failure Drill was conceived by Gunsite Academy founder, former Marine, and gun writer, Jeff Cooper. It consists of placing two center-of-mass shots on the target followed by a single shot to the target's head. It is one of the most pratical and useful shooting drills and can be conducted in two ways—as a skill drill and as a tactical drill. This article explains each.

Top Rated Rimfire Ammo
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Seven Great Rimfire Cartridges

Over the years there have been quite a few rimfire cartridges in calibers as small as .17 to larger than .50. However, by the early 1900s most of the rimfire cartridges were obsolete and about all that remained were .22-caliber rimfires. Since then, we have seen the introduction of several new rimfires, and today there are only really six rimfire cartridges that are commonly used, with one that’s barely hanging on. Here’s a look at the rimfire cartridges of the 21st century.