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Guntubers: 3 Best YouTube Channels For New Gun Owners | Ammunition Depot

Being able to go online and search for information when you need it is a huge blessing for all of us. That's especially true when you're starting out on a new endeavor such as gun ownership. What's even better, though, is that thanks to platforms like YouTube, you now have the option of watching the answers as well — in the case of guns on YouTube, this has become known as GunTube. Read this article to learn a bit about the best GunTube channels for new gun owners.

How To Cock A Gun | Pistol | Rifle | Shotgun| Ammunition Depot

Cocking and de-cocking a hammer-fired pistol may seem intimidating or complicated. As with all things firearms, it's best to find what you feel safest and most comfortable doing and develop your own routine. Read this guide for tips on how to properly cock or de-cock your gun.
3 day ago

Best Suppressed Calibers For Home Defense Weapon | Ammunition Depot

Let's talk about suppressors, shall we? Largely ignored as a home defense item, suppressors are generally thought of either negatively or as a novelty item for the range. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should consider a suppressor as an accessory for your primary home defense weapon.
8 day ago

The Top 5 Best Survival Guns You Could Own | Ammunition Depot

A survival gun is different from a gun used for home defense, competitions, or time on the range specifically intended for use to help you in a survival situation. A survival gun is something that you can use for fending off snakes and various predatory animals while also being able to effectively hunt small game in order to feed yourself; not something you'll use to defend yourself against another person, but rather something for defense against the great outdoors. Read this article to get a feel for which guns are a good fit for this particular task.
11 day ago

What is USCCA Insurance? | Ammunition Depot

As the number of new gun owners continues to rise, one of the ever-increasing number of products aimed at them is carry insurance. Carry insurance is somewhat similar to health or auto insurance — it's a product you pay a monthly premium for, and in return, you receive certain benefits under certain circumstances. Read this article to learn more about what those benefits are, and whether obtaining carry insurance may be a good choice for you.
14 day ago

How to Shoot a Gun For the First Time

Shooting a gun for the first time is a fun experience, for sure, but it can cause some anxiety. Not to worry: This is completely normal and nothing to be afraid of; everyone experiences some nervousness and excitement butterflies on their first time pulling the trigger. Check out our guide on shooting a gun for the first time so the butterflies you feel are from excitement and not fear.

3 months ago

How Much Is My Gun Worth?

If you need or want to sell your firearm, you want to get the best price for it that you can. To find out what your gun is worth, you likely need to get it appraised. Read on for our guide on how to figure out how much your gun is worth.

3 months ago

How to Store Your Guns

There are a number of things to consider when storing your guns, and what works for someone else might not be optimal for you. Read on for suggestions on selecting or creating your own personal gun storage solutions.

3 months ago

How to Transfer Ownership of a Gun: State by State

Gun laws can be complex and confusing. As a result, it can be tricky to navigate them all if you want to sell or transfer ownership of your gun. Not to worry: We've put together a guide to help with legally transferring your firearms wherever you live.

3 months ago

Top 5 Worst Guns for Home Defense

A great deal of thought is given to the subject of self-defense and home protection. Rarely does the subject come up of the worst guns to use to defend yourself. But knowing what not to use is just as important as knowing what you should use, which is why we've put this list together.

3 months ago