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How Much Is My Gun Worth?

If you need or want to sell your firearm, you want to get the best price for it that you can. To find out what your gun is worth, you likely need to get it appraised. Read on for our guide on how to figure out how much your gun is worth.

2 day ago

How to Store Your Guns

There are a number of things to consider when storing your guns, and what works for someone else might not be optimal for you. Read on for suggestions on selecting or creating your own personal gun storage solutions.

5 day ago

How to Transfer Ownership of a Gun: State by State

Gun laws can be complex and confusing. As a result, it can be tricky to navigate them all if you want to sell or transfer ownership of your gun. Not to worry: We've put together a guide to help with legally transferring your firearms wherever you live.

8 day ago

Top 5 Worst Guns for Home Defense

A great deal of thought is given to the subject of self-defense and home protection. Rarely does the subject come up of the worst guns to use to defend yourself. But knowing what not to use is just as important as knowing what you should use, which is why we've put this list together.

11 day ago

Top 5 Best Shotguns for First-Time Shooters

Even the simplest of shotguns can be quite eye catching, and they're also some of the most powerful firearms available to the public. This combination of beauty and brawn is intriguing and attractive to many shooters — especially newcomers. That’s why we’ve created this list of our top 5 picks of shotguns for first-time shooters.

14 day ago

How to Get a Gun License: State by State

Gun permits are a way for individual states to place additional regulatory requirements on the ownership of guns. Depending on the state, some gun permits are specific to the type of gun while others are a general-purpose permit. Discover whether you need a license to own a gun in your state.

17 day ago

9 Tips to Improve Your Situational Awareness for Self-Defense

According to Pew Research Center, almost half of gun owners have at least one gun for the purpose of self-defense. But if you're not aware enough to see the threat coming, a defense gun may not do any good. Read on for 9 tips for improving your situational awareness, so you’re ready to defend yourself and others from potential threats.

20 day ago

Where Can I Take a Gun Safety Course?

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to firearms. So, whether it's to increase your own personal knowledge or to meet your state's various licensing and permitting requirements, taking a gun safety course is extremely beneficial. Thankfully, a number of options are your disposal for taking a gun safety course.

23 day ago

5 Mistakes New Gun Owners Make And How to Avoid Them

Every firearm owner was the newbie at some point. Thankfully, that means it's easy to recognize some common mistakes and provide education about what can be done to mitigate them. Read our list of five common mistakes new gun owners make so you can avoid them.

26 day ago

Top 5 Best Rifles for First-Time Shooters

Introducing people to shooting or choosing what to shoot for yourself as a newbie can sometimes feel overwhelming or intimidating. That's why it's a good idea to try out a variety of options. Read our picks for five of the best rifles for first-time shooters.

29 day ago