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9mm Ammo

About 9mm Ammo

The 9mm ammo is the single most popular handgun cartridge in the world. For a workhorse caliber that fits any budget or taste — it's literally the caliber for anyone.

Created in 1901 by George Luger and introduced to the public in 1902, 9mm ammunition grew in popularity based on its performance. Contributions of the caliber's success are greatly attributed to its increased capacity in magazines, low-cost, and university functionality.

As time passed, new calibers have come along and offered continued competition - some with more success than others. Still, thanks to the growing popularity of models like the Glock 19, 9mm bullets continues to reign supreme.

From first-time shooters to U.S. military special operations or soccer moms who conceal carry, 9mm ammunition is as useful and practical of a round as anyone could possibly need.

Common Names / Types of 9mm Ammo

• 9mm Ammo• Luger 9mm• 9mm Bullets
• 9mm NATO• 9mm Parabellum• 9mm Caliber

9mm Ammo Benefits

Being the most popular handgun caliber in the world has its advantages, particularly when it comes to price. In most cases, the price per round for 9mm bullets is either comparable to or cheaper than competing rounds, especially when you buy in bulk.

9mm bullets are amoung the easiest to find (panic-buying and other kinds of uncontrollable events notwithstanding).

At gun stores, gun shows and online, the 9mm ammunition is likely to be the first item you see where ammo is for sale.

Even on our website, it's the first caliber offered when you search for bulk ammo and regular pistol ammo.

When it comes to hitting the target, 9mm ammunition has proven to be extremely consistent.

9mm has a flat trajectory, which helps it stay on target better, and while it's rated to 50 yards, anecdotal evidence demonstrates that you can hit targets considerably farther out (some targets located at 100 yards or more away.

While you might never have the need to attempt such a feat, knowing that the round can travel that distance and hit what you were aiming at is a huge mark in the plus column.

This also makes it easier to increase your own performance in target shooting at close ranges and makes for better efficiency in a self-defense situation.

9mm ammunition is one of the most user-friendly cartridges on the market. We've discussed how that’s true with respect to the round’s accuracy, but it also has low recoil, which makes it easy to control when shooting.

Additionally, 9mm ammo also supports the lowest recoil out of the standard self-defense calibers, which are 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

If you want it for self-defense or target shooting, it's usually considered the easiest round to use while you get used to firing.

This is usually the feature that tips the scales in favor of 9mm bullets for the average person. If you're looking to purchase a gun, you want to be able to fit as many bullets in it as possible.

Why? Because reloading sucks. You didn't buy a gun to reload it; you bought it to shoot it. And that’s not to mention the self-defense aspect: If you bought the gun to defend yourself, you want to give yourself as much chance of survival as humanly possible.

If you find yourself in a particularly dire situation, there’s a great likelihood that you won’t be given the chance to reload.

Plus, nervousness brought on by a stressful situation or a lack of practice can lead to missed shots, at which point the extra capacity may be an actual lifesaver.

While this works in tandem with capacity, concealability is still a factor unto itself. The thing about 9mm guns is that, even when they're small and concealable, they can still hold a lot of rounds.

The Sig Sauer P365, for example, is considered a micro-compact pistol.

As that name implies, it's an extremely small handgun — one of the smallest on the market, actually.

It's small enough to fit inside your pocket without being obvious. Despite its small stature, that firearm still holds 10 rounds, and that’s without any sort of grip extension.

While that speaks to Sig Sauer engineering, it also is simply not possible in a caliber other than 9mm ammo.

What Guns Shoot 9mm Ammo?


Smith & Wesson


Heckler & Koch


Glock 17

M&P 9

Sig P938



Glock 19

M&P Shield

Sig P320



Glock 26

M&P Shield+

Sig P365



Glock 34

M&P 9 2.0

Sig P365XL



Glock 43

M&P 9 Shield EZ

Sig P210


Glock 45


Sig P229

USP Tactical

Glock 48Sig P226

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