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Where Can I Shoot My Gun?

 It doesn't matter if you're practicing for accuracy, training for self-defense, getting more accustomed to how your gun shoots, or preparing for competitions, you'll need somewhere to shoot. But where should that be done? Read on to find out where you can safely shoot your gun.

1 month ago

What State Has The Strictest Gun Laws?

The laws pertaining to guns vary from state to state almost as much as the opinions on them. If you're a gun owner (or considering it) it’s important to familiarize yourself with state laws in any state you plan to live, move, or travel there with your guns.
2 months ago

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Gun? [State by State]

The age requirements to purchase a handguns or long guns are dependent upon which type of gun you're buying and where you’re buying them. To make it a little easier to understand what the age requirements are for buying a gun, we've created a handy state-by-state list of how old you must be to purchase a gun.

2 months ago

Top 5 Accessories for New Gun Owners

Now that you're a new firearm owner, it doesn't stop there. Changing parts, swapping barrels, adding attachments — you'll discover virtually never-ending possibilities for enhancing and personalizing your firearm. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of a few things to get you started.

2 months ago

Top 5 Best Handguns for First Time Shooters

Whether you're shopping for your first gun or taking someone to the range for the first time, it's best to ease into firearms and shooting. Consider guns that are fun to shoot and don't have as much recoil. Read on for the five handguns we consider to be best for first-time shooters.

2 months ago

How to Remove Rust From a Gun

Rust can occur on guns for a variety of reasons. Maybe you bought an antique; maybe moisture got into your safe; maybe your firearms were rained on while you were shooting. Whatever the reason, how rust gets to your guns is less important than the timely action you take to deal with the problem.

3 months ago

How to Sell a Gun

If you're ready to trade in your current gun for something new, or just need to downsize your collection, it may time to sell your gun. Read on to discover what your options are, and how to get the best ROI.

3 months ago

Which States Honor Concealed Carry Permits?

You've taken the step of getting your concealed weapons permit and can carry your weapon without people having to see it. Use this guide to understand which states will honor your permit so you can understand where you can legally carry.

3 months ago

Can I Travel With Guns and Ammo?

A situation might arise where you need to travel via air with your weapon. This guide answers many common questions related to flying with guns and ammo, including tips for arriving safely at your destination and ensuring smoother travels along the way.

3 months ago

How to Clean Your Gun: A Beginner's Guide

Cleaning your gun regularly is a necessity to ensure proper operation, extend the life of your firearm, and get the most from your purchase. However, that doesn't mean it has to be a chore. In this guide, we'll break it down and have you cleaning like an expert in no time.

3 months ago