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What Does Grain Mean in Ammo?

What does grain mean when you're talking about ammo? We could give you the quick, simple answer and tell you it refers to the weight of the ammunition, but this doesn’t really give you a good understanding of how the concept applies to your shooting. In order to learn the history of the term and its contemporary significance, continue reading.
2 day ago

What Is the Meaning of Caliber in Guns?

No matter where you start with your shooting, you will at some point have to decide on a caliber. Which begs the question: What’s a caliber? The short answer is that it’s the measurement of the barrel of a gun, but when hunting down ammo, that answer proves pretty quickly to be insufficient. Learn more about what “caliber” can refer to and figure out which may be best for you.
9 day ago

What Is the Most Common Ammunition in the U.S.?

Maybe you want to buy something a lot of other people want because it signifies it’s a good quality caliber; or maybe you want to buy something that's common in case of emergency. Whatever the reason, it can be helpful to know what types of ammo are most common. Interestingly, there’s more than one answer. Find out which types are most common by reading on.
16 day ago

Why Are Bullets Also Known as Rounds?

Is it a bullet or a round? Which is correct? Is it both? With numerous ways to describe virtually every part of a gun as well as its ammunition, it’s not uncommon for misunderstandings to lead to things being inaccurately described or the correct term being used the incorrect way. Read on to learn more about the history of the “round” and to what the term refers.
23 day ago

How to Buy Ammo in California

If you’re a resident of California, you probably understand that your state is unique in its approach to all things firearms. As a result, buying ammunition in California is considerably different than purchasing ammunition in other states. It can be confusing to try and unravel the many laws and regulations California has passed regarding guns and ammunition. While this is certainly not a definitive guide to the tangled web of California gun legislation, you can read on to get a primer on what the situation tends to look like in the Golden State.
1 month ago

How Is Ammunition Named?

The names for certain types of ammunition are so common that they roll off our tongues without a second thought. We may think of 9mm or .223 instantly without even stopping to wonder how those names came to be. But on second look, it becomes clear that the many, many names we have for different types of ammo are all over the map. How did it get this way? What’s the standard? Learn more about the wonky history of ammo naming conventions by reading on.
1 month ago

How Do Bullets and Shells Differ?

Once you enter the world of firearms, you quickly start to understand that there are many variations on verbiage. Oftentimes, people are using different words to discuss the kinds of ammo that handguns, rifles or shotguns use — for example, saying that rifles and handguns shoot bullets. When talking about shotguns, people are more likely to use the term shells. But there are real differences between handgun or rifle cartridges and shotgun shells. Read on to learn more about what separates them.
1 month ago

Can I Buy a Gun Across State Lines?

Many shooters eventually stumble across a great deal for sale in another state, leaving them unsure as to whether they can buy it. Broadly speaking, you can buy any gun that’s legal in your state from out of state, provided you go through an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) for the paperwork and background check. Here’s an overview of how that process works — but remember, laws are constantly changing and you should always consult a lawyer for legal advice.
1 month ago

5 Great Guns for Women

Nobody wants to shoot a gun that just doesn't feel like it fits in their hand. So while there’s no type of gun that women inherently prefer, there are certainly a few differences with respect to a gun’s feel that make those firearms a literal better fit. Forget the myth that women don’t like powerful guns and throw away any ideas about what a “woman’s gun” might be — let’s instead delve into what women tend to prefer, and which types of guns might end up being the right match.
3 months ago

What's the Best Handgun I Could Buy for Under $120?

Amidst a global pandemic and an explosion of panic-purchases of everything from ammunition to toilet paper, it's become obvious that being prepared for any situation is no longer something relegated to the realm of paranoia — it's just sensible. For many people, part of that preparedness involves the purchase of a firearm. Setting a budget is absolutely a good place to start, and it’s important to be realistic. Read on to figure out what a pragmatic budget for an affordable handgun can look like, and which kinds of firearms you can get at those price points.
3 months ago