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How To Mount Your Magnified Optics On Your AR: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this video our good friend Matt gives you a step by step breakdown on how to properly mount a scope on your rifle to maximize its performance! This info is useful your AR-15, AR-10, or any other flat-top rifle, not just ARs. Everything is covered here from initial setup, necessary hardware, mounts, leveling your reticle, and properly torquing the fasteners. Much of this information applies to any modern magnified optic and most any modern rifle platform. It’s worth your time to review all these steps if you want a precision rifle platform!

11 day ago

Keep a Rifle Log Book

Generally, rifle logbooks are thought to only be applicable to snipers and competitive shooters who compete at extreme distances. But I also started keeping detailed records for all my rifles. Over time it has proved extremely helpful is several ways.

19 day ago

Why Your AR-15 Needs A Sling, Light, And Optic

The AR-15 is undoubtedly America’s most popular rifle, and for good reason. It does a ton of things well. It offers a fun day at the range without much recoil or muzzle blast, it is a good choice for hunting (when chambered correctly), and it serves as my top pick for home defense. While it doesn’t really matter how an AR is set up in those first two scenarios, any AR-15 used for self-defense needs a sling, weapon light, and optic to effective.

26 day ago

Pick The Right AR-15 Magazine

Few firearm components have seen as much political interest as the AR-15 magazine. Anything that draws the attention of politicians (and a potential ban) is worth understanding, owning, and voting to protect. Deciding to own a few extra AR-15 magazines is always a good idea, but the issue of which magazines to buy almost always surfaces. Do you go with 10-, 20-, 30-, or 40-rounds?

29 day ago

Want To Shoot Better? Use The Right Target

Shooters routinely purchase shooting benches and all manner of sandbags and rests to help them shoot better, but unfortunately pay little attention to the targets they’re shooting at. Most often they’re dots drawn on a piece of paper with a marker or prints of a target secured from the office copy machine when no one was watching. Trust me, you can do better than that, and your shooting will improve in the process.

1 month ago

How To Zero An AR-15

Mounting an optic on an AR-15 is a simple affair, but getting it zeroed can turn into an adventure. AR-15 parts come from a wide variety of sources and once assembled into a rifle, it’s difficult to predict where the bullets will go when they leave the muzzle. I’ve seen shooters deal with this uncertainty by pulling the target board to distances as close at 10 yards to zero. That can be difficult to do on a public range. Here’s how to boresight an AR before firing even the first round and how to zero as painlessly as possible.

1 month ago

Bench Rest Shooting Tips

It’s important to be able to shoot well from a bench rest. Though some consider it less important than field shooting skills, shooting from a bench rest is where you validate the performance of your rifle, optics, and ammunition. Shooting from a bench rest might also seem very simple, and it is simpler than shooting in the field. But it must be done right to matter. Here are few tips to help make your bench shooting better.

1 month ago

Different Types of Big-Game Bullets

There are essentially four types of big game bullets to choose from. Conventional big game bullets, like the Power Point and Core Lokt, are what’s known as cup and core bullets. Bullets where the cup is divided by a partition are partitioned bullets. Bonded bullets are constructed so the lead core is chemically bonded to the jacket. And mono-metal bullets are made of a homogenous copper alloy. 

2 months ago

Shooting Steel With Handguns

It wasn’t all that long ago that you had to join a gun club or go to a nice range if you wanted to shoot steel targets. Today steel targets are very affordable and much more portable. Lots of shooters are buying their own, and there are many good reasons for this.

2 months ago

Is That AR-15 Worth It?

Buying a new or used AR-15 requires a plan and some pre-purchase inspection to make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. Few things are sadder than falling out of love with a rifle because a blemish or quality control issue pops up post-purchase. There’s no way to look at a rifle and know how it will perform, but there are indicators of attentive manufacture that signal quality craftsmanship. Here’s a handful of things to check to help ensure a lifetime of bliss with the new purchase.

2 months ago
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