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What Is the Best All-Purpose Gun?

You can’t use a hammer as a screwdriver, and the same is true with guns. You wouldn’t try to do long-range shooting with a shotgun, of course. But we do all have one or two go-to tools that we grab first before moving on to more specialized stuff, and that’s the idea behind having an all-purpose gun. In this post, we’ll consider the criteria you’d want an all-purpose firearm to meet and then evaluate our best options.
2 months ago

Why the X in XM Ammo?

The many designations given to each individual gun component can be confusing, and that includes ammunition. The many numbers and letters on the packaging can make it difficult to know what’s what. In most instances, these designators aren’t arbitrary. They typically have specific meanings that help you select the right products, including the designation “XM” that you sometimes see. When it comes to the “X” in “XM” ammo, the short answer is that the X is a separate designator representing that ammunition is for civilian rather than military use. But there’s important context and information missing from such a simple answer. Read on to learn more about this ammo designation.
3 months ago

What Is Ball Ammo?

Like most gun terminology, "ball ammunition" is a phrase you may have heard or even repeated pretty often without knowing exactly what it means. Unfortunately, there’s precious little readily-available information about what is and isn’t ball ammo, So we’re going to address it here. Read on to discover what ball ammo is and what sets it apart.
3 months ago

5 Proposed Changes to 2A Rights under President Biden

It’s clear from the Biden campaign’s official statements on the matter that a Biden administration will result in changes for the gun world. So what exactly does life look like for the gun owner during a Biden administration? It may change quite a bit. While no president is ever going to get their full legislative wish list, the Biden campaign has planned to accomplish some of its gun control goals through executive action. This blog post discusses the administration’s proposed policy goals and their implications on gun owners.
3 months ago


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