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What Is Ball Ammo?

Like most gun terminology, "ball ammunition" is a phrase you may have heard or even repeated pretty often without knowing exactly what it means. Unfortunately, there’s precious little readily-available information about what is and isn’t ball ammo, So we’re going to address it here. Read on to discover what ball ammo is and what sets it apart.
3 months ago

5 Great Guns for Women

Nobody wants to shoot a gun that just doesn't feel like it fits in their hand. So while there’s no type of gun that women inherently prefer, there are certainly a few differences with respect to a gun’s feel that make those firearms a literal better fit. Forget the myth that women don’t like powerful guns and throw away any ideas about what a “woman’s gun” might be — let’s instead delve into what women tend to prefer, and which types of guns might end up being the right match.
6 months ago

What's the Best Handgun I Could Buy for Under $120?

Amidst a global pandemic and an explosion of panic-purchases of everything from ammunition to toilet paper, it's become obvious that being prepared for any situation is no longer something relegated to the realm of paranoia — it's just sensible. For many people, part of that preparedness involves the purchase of a firearm. Setting a budget is absolutely a good place to start, and it’s important to be realistic. Read on to figure out what a pragmatic budget for an affordable handgun can look like, and which kinds of firearms you can get at those price points.
6 months ago

5 Tips for Buying the Right Ammo for Your Gun

New gun owners can be forgiven for thinking a 9mm is a 9mm, and that one box of ammo is as good as any other, but the ammunition you buy makes a real difference in the way your gun performs. Knowing your ammo is part of becoming a better shooter, and there are more than a few ways to get tripped up if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Here’s a guide on how to dodge those pitfalls and find the ammo you’re looking for.
7 months ago

How Do Double-Action and Semi-Automatic Pistols Differ?

The sheer volume of terminology can be a barrier to entry for new gun owners, with terms like “double-action” and “striker-fired” getting tossed around without much context to shed light on their meanings. While the glossary of terms might seem like the big obstacle in your way, approaching it head-on can actually be a great way to become comfortable in your new hobby. Jump into this straightforward guide on different types of pistols to get started.
7 months ago