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Glock Magazines

About Glock Magazines

Every Glock firearm deserves a Glock magazine to match its reliability and performance. Available from various manufacturers and in various round capacities, Glock mags are built from impact-resistant polymer with full-length steel inserts and have a long-standing reputation for being durable and long-lasting.

One of the most essential accessories any Glock owner can purchase are extra Glock Magazines. A spare mag (or 10) allows you to reload less and shoot more. At Ammunition Depot, we offer a wide variety of Glock magazines for all Glock models. We even sell standard capacity magazines and restricted capacities for states requiring 10 round magazines.

Glock Magazine Features

Magazines like the Glock 17 mag feature a staggered-column or double stack configuration and have a 17-round capacity (which can be extended to 19 with optional accessories.)

On the other hand, models like the popular Glock 43 offer a single-stack configuration and have a 6 round capacity (which can also be extended with optional accessories.)

Glock magazines are interchangeable between models of the same caliber, meaning that a compact or subcompact pistol will accept magazines designed for larger pistols chambered for the same round.

However, magazines designed for compact and subcompact models will not function in full-sized pistols because they are not tall enough to reach the slide and magazine release.

Although each Glock magazine can differ in size, capacity, and material according to its designated firearm or manufacturer, the primary components will remain the same.

  • The body
  • The Spring
  • The Baseplate
  • The Follower

With an extended floor plate, Glock magazines can achieve higher capacities. Depending on the size of the floor plate, owners can add 2+ rounds to the magazine, increase grip comfort, and more surface control.

With several options available, owners should review the Glock magazine's manufacturer before installation.

Whether OEM or aftermarket, most Glock Magazines have a stiff metal tube encased by polymer. This design helps prevent deformation and even protects the magazine in extreme environments or from being dropped from increased heights.

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