Can I Buy a Gun Across State Lines?

Many shooters eventually stumble across a great deal for sale in another state, leaving them unsure as to whether they can buy it. Broadly speaking, you can buy any gun that’s legal in your state from out of state, provided you go through an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) for the paperwork and background check. Here’s an overview of how that process works — but remember, laws are constantly changing and you should always consult a lawyer for legal advice.
1 month ago

Guntubers: 3 Best YouTube Channels For New Gun Owners | Ammunition Depot

Being able to go online and search for information when you need it is a huge blessing for all of us. That's especially true when you're starting out on a new endeavor such as gun ownership. What's even better, though, is that thanks to platforms like YouTube, you now have the option of watching the answers as well — in the case of guns on YouTube, this has become known as GunTube. Read this article to learn a bit about the best GunTube channels for new gun owners.
6 months ago

What State Has The Strictest Gun Laws?

The laws pertaining to guns vary from state to state almost as much as the opinions on them. If you're a gun owner (or considering it) it’s important to familiarize yourself with state laws in any state you plan to live, move, or travel there with your guns.
1 year ago

DGU (Defensive Gun Uses) Report – May 2018

The anti-gunners are always trying to dispel the notion that a good guy with a gun can't stop a crime. Here are a few examples of actual defensive gun uses with citations.

3 years ago

The Truth About Gun Control

There are a lot of misconceptions out there and we want to cut straight through the lies with hard facts. After all, would you rather rely on fake news or federal statistics?

3 years ago