Choosing the Right Firearms Insurance for You and Your Family

In the right hands, firearms can mean safety for you and the ones you care about. Proper form, awareness of the law, and weapon maintenance are three of the four hallmarks of a responsible gun owner. The last is realizing that a gun can also become a liability in a number of ways even for the most conscientious person. This applies whether you’re outside or protecting your home.

14 day ago

How Firearm Ownership and Safety Become Lifetime Commitments

The process of purchasing a firearm is relatively simple for anyone who meets their state’s qualification standards, with memorizing basic weapon maintenance often being viewed as the hardest – and for some, the only – requirement for responsible ownership.

16 day ago

How to Research the Concealed Carry Laws That Apply to You

Firearm laws aren’t set in stone and, as one of America’s most contested topics, should be a subject gun owners stay constantly informed about. The law can vary depending on the type of carrying you’re doing, which is why we’re spotlighting concealed carry: The right to carry a firearm on or close to your person in a hidden manner.
22 day ago

5 Proposed Changes to 2A Rights under President Biden

It’s clear from the Biden campaign’s official statements on the matter that a Biden administration will result in changes for the gun world. So what exactly does life look like for the gun owner during a Biden administration? It may change quite a bit. While no president is ever going to get their full legislative wish list, the Biden campaign has planned to accomplish some of its gun control goals through executive action. This blog post discusses the administration’s proposed policy goals and their implications on gun owners.
3 months ago

Can I Buy a Gun Across State Lines?

Many shooters eventually stumble across a great deal for sale in another state, leaving them unsure as to whether they can buy it. Broadly speaking, you can buy any gun that’s legal in your state from out of state, provided you go through an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) for the paperwork and background check. Here’s an overview of how that process works — but remember, laws are constantly changing and you should always consult a lawyer for legal advice.
5 months ago