.327 Magnum vs .357 Magnum - Caliber Comparison

The .357 Magnum is a power round for self defence and hunting, but the .327 Federal Magnum can be a better choice for personal protection because it has much more managable recoil and you're able to get 6 rounds in a small revolver vs. five rounds from a .357 Magnum. 

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444 Marlin vs 4570 Government Caliber Comparison

How do the .45/70 Gov't and .444 Marlin stack up? Both are fantastic cartridges that fill a similar niche, so why and how did the .45/70, which was nearly extinct when the .444 Marlin was introduced, rise from the ashes and push the newer cartridge to the sidelines?

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Concealed Carry: 380 vs 9mm - Caliber Comparison

When comparing the .380 Auto and 9mm, terminal performance is one measure. But termianl effectiveness is not the only consideration when it comes to concealed carry. In some instances, and for some people, the .380 Auto can be a better choice.

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6.5 Creedmoor vs 308 Winchester Caliber Comparison

Cartridge comparisons frequently contain a lot of “that depends” and don’t usually come to a solid conclusion. Let me save you some time. The 6.5 Creedmoor is the better choice about 90-percent of the time when compared to the .308 Winchester.

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The Best Ways To Ruin An AR-15

AR-15s are modular rifles that are easy to customize for your needs. To keep your carbine happy and in good running order you need to follow some simple guidelines when it comes to their operation and maintenance. These are the top "don'ts" to avoid. 

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Red Dot Sights: Open vs. Closed Emitters

A red dot on a pistol is the smartest single step to take to shrink your pistol’s group sizes. When you start shopping for a pistol red dot sight one of the first branches in the decision tree  is choosing between an open emitter and a closed emitter. The open emitter is more common because it’s less expensive, easier to manufacture, and smaller. But closed emitter sights have become more common of late.

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Building an AR-15: Ambidextrous Lower Receivers

In the past few years, the rise of ambidextrous controls on AR-15s has become more prevalent. It certainly benefits the handful of southpaws that have, until recently, been abandoned by the rifle’s design. However, ambidextrous AR-15s don’t just make sense for the lefties out there, they benefit right-handed shooters as well.

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The Most Important Defensive Handgun Skill

Gun handling may not necessarily be more important than marksmanship or tactics, but it is foundational. The good news is that you can drastically improve your gun handling skills without ever firing a shot. You can do this with dry-fire practice, which will not only make you safer, but it will also make the learning of marksmanship and tactical skills easier.

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Shooting Groups

We shoot groups with our rifles to determine the level of precision we can expect from them. We do this to get an idea of how close we can expect our first shot to land to the point we’re aiming at. But the thousand-dollar question has always been, how many shots should the groups we shoot contain, and how many groups should we shoot?

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