Holiday Gift Giving for the Gun Enthusiast in Your Life

Ammunition Depot Holiday Gift Guide
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Holiday Gift Giving for the Gun Enthusiast in Your Life

The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year! However, we also know that it can be a stressful time of the year, especially if selecting gifts that show you really care is important to you.

If you have a firearms enthusiast in your life, there is no better way of showing how much you care about them than by purchasing them a gift for their guns!

Ammunition Depot has curated a list of unique gifts that are sure to make that shooter in your life smile this holiday season.


If there is one thing a firearms hobbyist or professional cannot get enough of, it's ammunition!

The gift of ammunition means your shooter can get that valuable range time that they love while honing their skills and having a great time.

Anything from a few boxes of cartridges to a case of ammunition will make the day of any shooter, and Ammunition Depot is the place to go to fill that need.

Gifts of 9mm and .223/5.56 ammo are particularly popular, especially when purchased in bulk to get the best pricing per round. Ammunition Depot carries many popular brands of ammunition, including US Cartridge, PMC, and Winchester.

Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and get invited out for some range time yourself!


Just like ammunition, it seems like a gun owner can't ever have enough magazines on hand! So it's convenient to have them stocked up and pre-loaded with ammunition for range day fun.

Ammunition Depot sells top brands of rifle and pistol magazines like Magpul and Amend2 at competitive pricing.

To make it even easier for you (while adding some extra wow to that gift), make it a bulk pack of magazines and get extra savings!

What if you don't know what kind of gun your firearms enthusiast shoots?
We've got you covered!

Gear Bags

Another popular gift with firearms aficionados is gear bags. Gear bags make it easier to transport a variety of firearms and accessories to the range while providing storage for all your gun gear.

Ammunition Depot carries a wide variety of gear bags that will hold anything from rifles and shotguns to pistols, range safety gear, and ammunition.

The RTAC (Rattlesnake Tactical) brand is particularly popular, providing range bags with rugged construction and plenty of storage space for all of one's necessary range gear.

Range Safety Gear

Often overlooked but essential pieces of shooting equipment that is much appreciated on the firing range: a good set of vision and hearing protection.

Eye Protection typically sells at a very reasonable price point and is available with a long list of features. Some models can even be reconfigured with different types of lenses for indoor and outdoor shooting.

Hearing protection comes in several other forms and sells at various price points, so there is something for everyone.

However, for a reasonable price, you can get your gun aficionado a set of very comfortable electronic ear muffs that not only protect from loud noise such as gunfire but also augment the sound of a normal conversation while they are being worn on the range.

Or you could upgrade and purchase a set that features Bluetooth connectivity so your favorite shooter can pair his phone to his hearing protection on the range for phone calls or even music!

Ammunition Depot carries several top-name brands of hearing protection, including Walkers Game Ear and Howard Leight. Ammunition depot also carries an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) from Rattlesnake Tactical that is perfect for the range or your vehicle!

Cleaning Kit

While not as fun as some of the other gifts mentioned already, a firearms cleaning kit would most certainly not go unappreciated!

A lot of components in a cleaning kit, as well as the cleaning solvents and lubricants, need replenishment over time. Ammunition Depot carries firearms cleaning supplies from some of the best companies in the industry, like Hoppes and Real Avid.

Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns

Believe it or not, many quality pistols, rifles, and shotguns can be had for under $500 at Ammunition Depot. In addition, at Ammunition Depot, one can find fun range plinking .22 pistols and rifles for under $150 from well-known brands such as Heritage Mfg. and Rossi!.

Ammunition Depot also carries a large assortment of reasonably priced firearms suitable for self-defense and home defense from brands such as the RTAC AR-15, Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus.

Just be sure that the person you intend to gift the firearm to is eligible to legally own a gun in his/her state. Also, be aware and follow any laws regarding the purchase and possession of any firearm, as they vary by state.

A great resource on giving a firearm as a gift can be found  HERE.

Play It Safe!

Are you still unsure whether or not you're buying the shooter in your life the right gift? Are you afraid you might get them the wrong thing?
No worries, we've got you covered.

Ammunition Depot offers gear bundles that include items like gear bags, cleaning kits, AND ammunition! Or you can go the ultra-safe route and still put a huge smile on that firearm's hobbyist's face with an Ammunition Depot Gift Card!

Available in multiple amounts, Gift Cards can be purchased in different amounts and made deliverable by email with a personalized message from you!

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