Gear Review: The RTAC Tactical Sling Pack with Pistol Holster

RTAC Tactical Sling Pack Review
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Gear Review: The RTAC Tactical Sling Pack with Pistol Holster

In the world of tactical gear, finding the right balance between convenience and functionality can be a game-changer. That's precisely where the Rattlesnake Tactical RTAC Tac Sling Pack comes into play.

Paired with Ammunition Depot's PVC patch and an RTAC Adjustable Pistol Retention Device, this rugged shoulder sling is designed to meet the needs of those grab-and-go scenarios, where having your hands free and essential items within arm's reach can make all the difference.

In this comprehensive review, we'll dive deep into the features and applications of the RTAC Tac Sling Pack, exploring why it's becoming a go-to choice for those who value versatility and preparedness.

The Compact RTAC Powerhouse

At first glance, the RTAC Tac Sling Pack may seem too small for everyday use, but don't let the compact size fool you.

Measuring 10.5 inches in height, 9 inches in width, and 4 inches in depth, this sling pack is engineered for efficiency.

It strikes the perfect balance between being large enough to carry your essentials and compact enough to ensure agility and comfort.

Features That Set It Apart

Universal Pistol Retention System
One standout feature of the RTAC Tac Sling Pack is its adjustable universal pistol retention system.

Designed to secure your sidearm within the bag, this system ensures that your pistol stays in place, eliminating any concerns about it shifting or becoming loose during transport.

It's a valuable addition for those situations when carrying a concealed firearm directly on your body might not be an option, but having one close and accessible is crucial.

Organized Storage
The main zippered section of the sling pack reveals a well-thought-out interior with two internal pockets.

These pockets allow you to keep your essentials neatly organized, ensuring that you can quickly access what you need without rummaging through a cluttered bag.

Front and Side MOLLE Attachments
For those who appreciate customization, the RTAC Tac Sling Pack offers MOLLE attachments on both the front and side.

These loops provide the flexibility to add additional pouches, gear, or accessories, tailoring the sling pack to your specific needs.

Velcro Patch Area
The front of the pack features a Velcro patch area, allowing you to switch out patches to reflect your style or personal preferences. It's a subtle yet effective way to make the pack uniquely yours.

The RTAC Tac Sling bag also includes an Ammunition Depot Branded PVC patch that fits nicely on the velcro patch area on the front of this bag.

Specs and Features

  • 10.5"H x 9"W x 4"D
  • MOLLE Attachments On Front & Side
  • Adjustable Universal Pistol Retention System
  • Ammunition Depot PVC American Flag Patch Included

Real-World Applications

Travel Companion
The RTAC Tac Sling Pack shines as a travel companion. Its compact size makes it ideal for carrying essential items when you're on the move.

Whether you're on a weekend getaway, a business trip, or a cruise vacation, this sling pack can accommodate items like a small tablet/e-reader, cell phone charger and cables, travel documents, and more.

It keeps everything organized and easily accessible, making your journey hassle-free.  It is one of my favorite travel accessories, especially on cruises where I may need to carry items off the cruise ship that I can’t readily fit in my pockets.

Sling Bag Outdoors
Sling Pack Outdoors

Photography Gear Holder
Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the versatility of the RTAC Tac Sling Pack.

While not designed specifically for camera gear, it can comfortably accommodate camera equipment such as a DSLR, spare lenses, GoPro, attachments, and spare batteries.

With its thoughtful organization and secure pistol retention system, it becomes an excellent choice for keeping your gear safe and accessible during your photography adventures.

I find myself loading up my RTAC Sling with my DSLR camera when heading out into the wilds down here in South Florida. It makes for a convenient way to bring my camera stuff with me for hikes out into nature.

Sling Bag Image 1
Sling Bag Image 4

Range Gear and Medical Supplies
For those involved in shooting sports or first responders out in the field, this sling pack serves as a reliable companion.

Range enthusiasts and many of my flaw enforcement friends and co-workers from my former career as a law enforcement training officer turn to the RTAC Tac Sling Pack to keep their range gear or medical supplies readily available.

It's a quick grab-and-go solution that ensures you have the necessary equipment when you need it most.

Sling Bag Image 3
Sling Bag Image 5

Versatile Color Options
The RTAC Tac Sling Pack is available in several non-descript colors/patterns, including black, green, tan, python, and ACU.

This diverse range of options makes it easy to match the sling pack with your existing gear, ensuring a cohesive and discreet look.

RTAC Sling Pack - Black
RTAC Sling Pack - Tan
RTAC Sling Pack - ACU
RTAC Sling Pack - Desert Python

RTAC Tac Sling Bag Video Review

Review Summary

In the world of tactical gear, finding a product that seamlessly combines versatility and preparedness is a rare gem.

The Rattlesnake Tactical RTAC Tac Sling Pack accompanied by Ammunition Depot's PVC patch and an RTAC Adjustable Pistol Retention Device, achieves just that.

Whether you're a traveler, a photographer, a range enthusiast, or someone who values quick access to essentials, this sling pack delivers. Its thoughtful design, adjustable pistol retention system, and MOLLE attachments make it a practical choice for a variety of scenarios.

With the RTAC Tac Sling Pack by your side, you're not just carrying a bag— you're carrying peace of mind and readiness for whatever comes your way.

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