Gear Review: Rattlesnake Tactical Medium Range Bag

Rattlesnake Tactical Range Bag
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Gear Review: Rattlesnake Tactical Medium Range Bag

I was fortunate in my last career to be a full-time law enforcement instructor with a lot of range access and range time. The cool thing about this was my "range bag" for getting my gear to the firing range was a whole 2012 Ford Expedition with a gun vault in the rear cargo area.

Long story short, when I needed to take my guns, ammunition, and safety gear to the range, I drove all my gear up to the firing line and got to work.

These days I would get kicked off the few ranges I have access to for driving right up to the firing lines! Because of this, I needed a range bag - and luckily for me, my bosses provided me with one that Ammunition Depot sells; the Rattlesnake Tactical (RTAC) Medium Range Bag.

I hate to come across like a "Company Man," but trust me when I tell you - I fell in love with this bag before I ever used it. Upon closer inspection, it's clear that the RTAC Range Bag is well-built, feels heavy-duty, and is constructed with quality materials.

In fact, just by handling it, I believe most firearm owners would agree that it's a good piece of kit and well thought out.


The RTAC Medium Range Bag also has just enough room for me to get the right amount of guns and ammo to the range for some plinking and practice.

In the large main compartment, you'll find it has two side pouches with hook and loop straps to keep them secured and a hook and loop lining. 

The RTAC Medium Range Bag also comes with a Pistol Retention Device that is very convenient for securing various-sized handguns to and from the range.

Another hidden gem of the range bag is personalization. I took mine to the next level by adding three additional pistol retention devices to the bag's main compartment.

That way, I could safely and efficiently carry four pistols to and from the shooting range without having to sling two or three different carrying cases/bags.

Throughout the rest of the main compartment, you'll find ample space to fit most (if not all) of your shooting range accessories. I managed to easily fit my pistol suppressor, various adapters for the suppressor, two bricks of .22LR Ammo, 200 rounds of .40 CAL Ammo in boxes, and a Springfield Prodigy 9mm pistol in a small case.

This is a lot, but there was more!


Moving further around the range bag, you'll also find three large outer pockets, one smaller outer pocket, and an exterior pouch secured to the bag with MOLLE webbing.  

In the frontmost pocket, I carried a multitool, a pen and Sharpies, a knife, a sight adjustment tool, and a large tube of white lithium grease (for the suppressor). There was still a lot of room left in this pocket for range-related tools that I might need to dump here.

In the second pocket on the front of the RTAC Range Bag are seven sections of flexible elastic strapping that are absolutely perfect for magazine storage. I love the organization this lends as it makes selecting the proper magazine out of the bag for the firearm you are shooting quick and efficient.

On my last range trip, I had twelve pistol magazines in this pocket, in an organized fashion, and could probably have fit another two or three mags easily.

The large pocket in the rear is where I stored my shooting range targets and materials. I have a variety of printed targets as well as a roll of tape stored in this pocket.

There are also two smaller pouches in this rear compartment convenient for stashing small, loose items you might be concerned about losing, as well as provisions for storing more pens and markers for the range.

The smaller pocket I found particularly handy for items I wanted within quick reach. For example, a bag of foam hearing protection and a bag with some Hoppes gun lube worked out to be the perfect fit.

These items are easy to access, and the pouch is just the right size to keep the gun lube upright to mitigate the risk of it leaking out.


Opposite the small pocket on the RTAC Medium Range Bag is a section of MOLLE webbing with a small pouch attached.

This pouch is perfect for first aid gear to be stashed in, and it fits my pre-staged CAT Tourniquet standing up nicely, with space next to it for a couple of bandages and some shears.

However, in the future, I will most likely switch this pouch with something a little more "High Speed, Low Drag." I think a MOLLE pouch with a visual IFAK callout on the front would be perfect.

Moving to the front of the RTAC Range Bag, you'll find another storage compartment with MOLLE webbing on the outside. This storage compartment also contains a hook and velcro loop attachment points.

This was the perfect spot to fasten my shooting range eye-pro, and I utilized the MOLLE webbing for my Pact Timer. In addition, it's a great spot for displaying your favorite morale patches on the velcro backing.

*PS - Included with every RTAC Medium Range Bag purchase is an Ammunition Depot PVC American Flag patch!


The RTAC Range Bag has two heavy-duty carry handles and a rugged, padded shoulder strap to aid in lugging your shooting gear to the firing line.

I found the heavy-duty handles very convenient for securing my ear-pro using a large carabiner clip. Doing this keeps the ear protection in place and on top of the bag, where it will remain protected while riding to and from the range in my truck or in the trunk of my car.


I loved the RTAC Medium Range Bag.

The bag is well-built, rugged, and durable, and the best part is no critical piece of gear gets left behind on a range trip, as there is room for it all and more!

Firearm owners can easily cram a ton of gear, magazines, and ammunition inside - And in a manner that keeps everything organized and easy to access while out on the range, thus maximizing my time on the trigger as I'm not fumbling around looking for items.

Hands down, the bag offers significant value for the cost and for its versatility and overall storage capacity!

*Looking for something a little bigger to meet your storage needs? Check out our recent Gear Review: Rattlesnake Tactical Medium Backpack Article!


The Rattlesnake Tactical Medium Range Bag with Pistol Retention System is a modular, high-quality range bag equipped with dozens of features.

Each bag contains two reinforced top carry grab handles and a main storage system compartment that features durable, thick padding to protect your firearm and contents from sustaining damage if the bag is dropped.

Also featured within the main compartment are two mesh organizer pockets with elastic retention bands, perfect for storing pens/pencils, or miscellaneous items.

Additional storage pockets and soft velcro panel can also be fitted inside the main compartment, including the supplied velcro Pistol Retention System.

Along the range bag’s rear and sides, you’ll find rugged MOLLE panels that provide enhanced versatility, additional storage, and organization options.

The RTAC range bag even includes a detachable MOLLE pouch that can also be threaded onto your load-bearing vest or other gear.

Finally, each Rattlesnake Tactical medium range bag includes a detachable and adjustable padded shoulder strap and an Ammunition Depot PVC American Flag patch.


  • Length: 15.5" (13.5" Without side compartment)
  • Width: 7”
  • Height: 9”


  • Length: 12.5”
  • Width: 7”
  • Height: 9”


  • Desert Tan
  • Standard Black
  • Black Python
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