Gear Review – Rattlesnake Tactical Compact Range Bag

RTAC Compact Range Bag
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Gear Review – Rattlesnake Tactical Compact Range Bag

In the world of tactical gear, having a versatile and dependable bag can be a game-changer. The Rattlesnake Tactical Compact Range Bag is more than just a bag; it's your ultimate gear companion.

In this comprehensive review, we'll delve deep into the features, versatility, and real-world applications of this highly sought-after range bag.

Equipped with Ammunition Depot's PVC flag patch and an RTAC Adjustable Pistol Retention Device, this bag is more than just a pretty face—it's a powerhouse of functionality and convenience.

The Anatomy of Excellence

The Rattlesnake Tactical Compact Range Bag boasts a modular design that sets it apart from the rest. Whether you're heading to the range, going on a mission, or just need a versatile gear bag, this bag has you covered.

Let's explore its standout features:

Main Compartment

The heart of the bag, the main compartment, is built to protect your weapons and accessories.

Thick padding ensures that your gear remains unscathed, even in the event of an accidental drop. Inside, you'll find two mesh organizer pockets, elastic retention bands for pens/pencils, additional pockets, and a soft Velcro panel.

This panel is not just for show; it can be fitted with the included Velcro pistol retention system or other Velcro-based gear, making it a dynamic space for customization.

RTAC Compact Range Bag - Pistol
RTAC Compact Range Bag - Loaded

MOLLE Webbing

The rear and side panels of the RTAC Compact Range Bag are equipped with rugged MOLLE webbing, providing versatility and flexibility in the way you use the bag.

You can attach various MOLLE-compatible accessories, expanding your options for customization and gear organization.

Detachable MOLLE Pouch

On the left side of the bag, you'll discover a detachable compartment secured using MOLLE webbing.

This pouch is a game-changer, whether you need extra storage for range gear or prefer a quick-tearaway Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) pouch—a perfect addition for range use.

The exterior pockets are designed with convenience in mind, making it easy to store small tools, magazines, or other related shooting range essentials.

Exterior Dimensions

  • Length: 15.5" (13.5" Without side compartment)
  • Width: 7"
  • Height: 9"

Interior Dimensions

  • Length: 12.5"
  • Width: 7"
  • Height: 9"

Color Options

  • Tan
  • Black
  • OD Green
  • Black Python
  • Desert Python
Compact Range Bag - Black
Compact Range Bag - OD Green
Compact Range Bag - Black Python
Compact Range Bag - Desert Python

Universal Pistol Retention System

One of the standout features of the RTAC Compact Range Bag is its adjustable universal velcro pistol retention system. *Available in multiple colors

This innovative velcro holster ensures that your sidearm stays securely in place within the bag, eliminating any concerns about it shifting or becoming loose during transport.

For those who carry multiple pistols, additional universal velcro pieces can be purchased separately and easily added to the bag.

This means you can carry multiple pistols inside the bag without worrying about them bumping into each other.

Real-World Applications

Range Companion
As its name suggests, the RTAC Compact Range Bag excels as a range companion. It offers the ideal blend of storage space and convenience for carrying your firearms, ammunition, and range gear.

The inclusion of Ammunition Depot's PVC patch adds a touch of style to your range of trips. The bag's organization pockets and pistol retention system keep your essentials within easy reach, ensuring a smooth and productive day at the range.

Multi-Purpose Gear Bag
The RTAC Compact Range Bag isn't limited to the firing range—it's a fantastic general-purpose gear bag. Its compact size and thoughtful layout make it an excellent choice for carrying essentials on the go.

Whether you're heading on a weekend adventure or a business trip or just need a reliable bag for everyday use, this bag has you covered. Its adaptability and robust construction ensure it can handle whatever life throws your way.

Law Enforcement and Tactical Use
Before joining Ammunition Depot, I personally relied on the RTAC Compact Range Bag during my time as a law enforcement officer. This bag became an indispensable asset during callouts working special operations support.

Loaded with spare radio batteries, extra magazines of ammunition, bottled water, winter gloves, a knit watch cap, extra socks, a cell phone charger, a battery bank, and charging cables, it kept everything organized and accessible in my patrol vehicle.

The bag's durability and functionality made it easy to grab and transition to different scenarios, whether I was responding to emergencies or supporting larger, extended operations.

The RTAC Compact Range bag kept everything I would need for these call-outs conveniently packaged and out of the way in my patrol car and was easy to grab if I needed to transition out of my car and over to the Command Truck or my agency’s Lenco Bearcat.

RTAC Compact Range Bag Video Review

Gear Review Summary

In the world of tactical gear, finding a product that seamlessly combines form and function is a rare treasure.

The Rattlesnake Tactical Compact Range Bag, equipped with Ammunition Depot's PVC patch and universal pistol retention system, achieves precisely that.

Whether you're a dedicated shooter, an adventurer on the move, or a professional in the field, this bag is your trusted companion. Its modular design, versatility, and rugged construction make it a valuable addition to your gear arsenal.

With the RTAC Compact Range Bag by your side, you're not just carrying a bag—you're carrying preparedness, organization, and peace of mind.

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