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Improved Home Defense: 11 Effective Tips to Make Your Home a Hard Target

Homeowners go through an extensive process of finalizing every little detail about their dream abode, from tiling to decor to interiors and everything in between, but overlook a fool-proof home defense plan. As a result, they leave the inhabitants of the house vulnerable to outside threats. By the time they find out, the worst may already have happened. 

2 months ago

The Contents of a Good Concealed Carry Course

Starting your concealed carry journey involves making some important decisions and studying up on the related subjects. Understanding the difference between concealed and open carry is a good place to start. Knowing what to expect when applying for your concealed carry permit is next.

3 months ago

What You Should Know About the Different Shotgun Types

A shotgun, also referred to as a scattergun, is a long-barreled firearm that shoots a shotshell. Over the years, shotguns have become quite popular in sporting tournaments, hunting, and a reliable firearm for home defense. Some shotgun shells only contain a slug (a single large projectile) whereas others carry numerous spherical pellets of “shot.” 

3 months ago

Buying a New Sidearm? Don't Finalize a Gun Until You Read This Guide!

The whole purpose of a sidearm is to serve as a reliable backup weapon when your primary weapon malfunctions, is out of range, or is out of rounds. Selecting a sidearm is no joke; every gun owner needs to invest enough time to research a quality sidearm. Is a revolver more effective, or does a pistol make more sense? You need to take a good look at what matters to you most. 

3 months ago

What You Should Know About the Top Rifle Types on the Market

Rifles have become the most reliable weapon since their inception in the early 1700s. Over the years, rifles have become a favorite amongst gun enthusiasts. However, when it comes to rifle types, there's a lot of information out there, and honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming browsing through all that data. Some rifle types that get a lot of attention, like automatic rifles, aren’t generally legal on the US market and won’t be part of your buying consideration. 

3 months ago
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