New Gun Owners

A Beginner’s Guide to Gun Maintenance

Gun maintenance is critical for a firearm owner because it keeps the weapon in working order. Failing to maintain your firearms could cause issues when you attempt to use them, making them less effective whether you’re going target shooting, hunting, or need to protect your home. 

3 day ago

9 Life-Saving Tips for Women Who Concealed Carry

How many times have you stood outside your vehicle searching for your keys in your bag unaware of what's happening around you? How often have you walked through a dark parking garage or an empty street completely vulnerable to anyone in the area? It only takes a moment for someone to approach you, grab you, and take you away with force, and you need to be prepared for these situations. 

10 day ago

What Is Steel Core Ammunition? | Steel Core Ammo Guide | Ammunition Depot

You are no doubt aware of the many types of ammunition available in shops. Beyond just the myriad calibers to choose from, there are tons of potential combinations from hollow points to steel-cased as well. Every single part of a cartridge can be composed of different materials, which leads to a buffet of bullet choices for the consumer, among which you’ll find steel core ammunition. From old wives tales and gun-counter exaggerations to political propaganda and fear mongering, there are many misconceptions about steel core ammunition. Let's cut through some of the fog and misinformation to get to the facts.

11 day ago

Concealed Carry: What to Expect When Applying for a Permit to Carry a Concealed Firearm

There are many reasons why you might want to carry a concealed weapon, including personal protection. However, in many United States jurisdictions, you'll need a permit to carry a concealed firearm on your body or in your vehicle. 

17 day ago

9 Most Commonly Misused Gun Terms | Ammunition Depot

Misused gun terms are extremely common, but words do have specific meanings, and it’s especially important to say what you mean when it comes to guns. Misinformation about firearms can lead to miscommunication and even inappropriate fear. Read on to learn about nine commonly misused gun terms below.
18 day ago
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