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What Percentage of Guns in the U.S. Are Semiautomatics?

Guns are probably one of the most misunderstood subjects in America, and a confused understanding of something can lead to fear pretty easily. When that fear leads to legislation aimed at solving a problem that often doesn't exist, law-abiding gun owners can end up the victims. As gun owners, it’s up to us to properly educate the population at large so we don’t lose our ability to own certain kinds of guns. In that vein, this post explores semiautomatic guns and their prevalence in the U.S. as a way of dispelling myths about them.
3 day ago

What Is the Best All-Purpose Gun?

You can’t use a hammer as a screwdriver, and the same is true with guns. You wouldn’t try to do long-range shooting with a shotgun, of course. But we do all have one or two go-to tools that we grab first before moving on to more specialized stuff, and that’s the idea behind having an all-purpose gun. In this post, we’ll consider the criteria you’d want an all-purpose firearm to meet and then evaluate our best options.
10 day ago

Why Are Most Handgun Bullets Round Instead of Pointy?

A lot of science is involved in making firearms and ammo. Modern ammunition features, including the shape of the projectile, are all the result of extensive testing and research. There are a lot of factors that go into the design of a round, and oftentimes the shape of the round is dictated by those other factors. Read on to learn why this has resulted in rounder ammunition for handguns.
17 day ago

AK-47 vs M-16: Which Is the Best?

If you ever want to start a fight, a good way to get the sparks flying is to wonder aloud whether the AK-47 is better than the M-16. The debate over these two rifles can be as intense as the Cold War that spawned them, and it isn’t a question that’s easily answered. Let’s take a look at the history and learn a good bit about both before drawing our own conclusions.
24 day ago

Why Are There So Many Ammo Calibers?

Any time you go to a local gun store or ammunition website, you’ll notice a plethora of calibers available. The remarkable thing about that is there are far more possibilities available than what most places carry or keep on hand. What’s more, there are still new caliber offerings being developed all the time. Even variants of existing types of rounds find their way onto the scene periodically. But why does this happen? Why are people still creating or modifying calibers when so many already exist? In this blog post, we delve into the subject, exploring the reasons there are so many different calibers of ammunition.
1 month ago