2023 SHOT Show Day 1 - Best Gear and Accessories

Shot Show 2023 Top Gear and Accessories
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2023 SHOT Show Day 1 - Best Gear and Accessories

After a LONG day of walking, networking, and more importantly - Product Viewing, Day 1 of SHOT Show 2023 officially ended. Needless to say, the Expo is AWESOME, and it's truly humbling to be surrounded by so many passionate firearm aficionados.

With all the new products being highlighted from all the top manufacturers, I thought it best to put together a comprehensive list of the Best Gear and Accessories featured throughout Day 1 of SHOT Show 2023!

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Aero Precision

Aero Precision LAHAR-30

Aero Precision had many nice pieces on display, but what caught people's attention was their new line of suppressors; the LAHAR-30.

The LAHAR-30 suppressor family is a multi-caliber, full-auto-rated suppressor rated for calibers 5.56 NATO to 300 WIN MAG.

Finally, the LAHAR suppressors come in three different models based on length; the LAHAR-30K, the LAHAR-30, and the LAHAR-30L.

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters displayed two items from their newer line of appendix carry holsters, both of which I had the opportunity to examine up close. 

The Reckoning is an evolution of their original hybrid-style SuperTuck holster, featuring a leather backing that rides against the wearer’s body for optimized comfort.

The Rogue System of holsters offers a completely Kydex option that is modular and configurable by the user, with options that include adjustments for cant, a concealment claw, adjustable and interchangeable belt clips, and a magazine carrier that can also be attached and adjusted.

Magpul Industries

Magpul Industries had two notable products on display that really caught my attention - the DAKA Hard Case and DAKA Grid organizer system.

The DAKA Hard Case seems like a natural product for Magpul to get into with its background in polymer accessories.

The hard cases will come in three different lengths (35”, 44”, and 53”) and feature roller wheels, detent handles, and lockability. Inside of the DAKA Hard Case, you’ll find Magpul’s new DAKA Grid organizer system.

This is seriously legos for gun organization! The system utilizes a simple grid with moveable parts that fit onto the grid, similar to how lego pieces connect.

The DAKA Grid organizer not only is included with the DAKA Hard Case but can also be purchased as a kit to fit the Pelican V730 and V800 hard cases, as well as a Block Expansion Kit with more pieces to further customize your rifle and equipment cases.

Maxim Defense

Although I was unable to participate / attend the live-fire demo, from what I heard Maxim Defense put on quite the display. 

At the range this year, they offered live-fire demos of all their firearms and suppressors - including their new MD:15 Lite and their long-awaited PDX-SD.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t pass up this cool Polaris MRZR D4 fitted with a suppressed M240 and a suppressed PK LMG. 

Pelican Cases

I briefly got to stop by the Pelican Cases booth, first thing in the morning, and got excited to see their newer line of BX vehicle cargo cases.

Their new lineup of SE lockable cases are available with optional cargo locking fixtures to physically lock the cases onto/into vehicles.

Overall, this system looks great for those into the Overlanding hobby, or anybody looking for a secure way to haul equipment out to the firing range.


Although not quite gear or accessory, when it comes to the COOLEST feature that I saw on Day 1, it would have to go to Dillon and the Ford Ranger.

This Ranger featured most of the modifications typical overlanders would add to their rigs, but with the addition of Dillon’s 503D .50 BMG gatling gun mounted where most would mount their Roof Top Tent.

The Dillon 503D is capable of firing an astonishing 25 rounds a second! Based on the price of the PMC 660 Grain 50 BMG on AmmunitionDepot.com, that equates $6,675 dollars of ammunition being fired a minute!

It's a good thing the magazine capacity sits at 600 rounds, to help you control cost.

Well that about does it for Day 1 - Gear and Accessories Highlights of SHOT Show 2023

Be sure to leave us comment down below and let us know what you thought of of the all the new items. Did you see anything in particular that stood out or that you'd want to pickup for yourself? 

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