Which Bullet Does the Most Damage?

When wondering about ammo, simply asking “what bullets do the most damage?” is a vague question which needs to be qualified in order for it to make sense. While there are many reasons that one might be curious about such a thing, the one being addressed here is if someone is trying to make an informed decision about which rounds best suit home defense or everyday carry needs. Read on to learn more about powerful rounds for these situations.

What Guns Are Legal in All 50 States?

As a federalist nation, the U.S. doesn’t have entirely consistent laws from state to state, since each state sets its own laws for many (if not most) things. When it comes to the question of legality of certain guns, ammo, magazines and other firearms-related devices in the United States, straightforward answers don't always exist. That said, we're going to try to uncomplicate the facts and explain the legalities as best we can. We ask that you bear in mind that laws are constantly changing and that we aren't lawyers as we try to ascertain which guns are legal everywhere in the United States.
8 day ago

Choosing the Right Firearms Insurance for You and Your Family

In the right hands, firearms can mean safety for you and the ones you care about. Proper form, awareness of the law, and weapon maintenance are three of the four hallmarks of a responsible gun owner. The last is realizing that a gun can also become a liability in a number of ways even for the most conscientious person. This applies whether you’re outside or protecting your home.

12 day ago

How Firearm Ownership and Safety Become Lifetime Commitments

The process of purchasing a firearm is relatively simple for anyone who meets their state’s qualification standards, with memorizing basic weapon maintenance often being viewed as the hardest – and for some, the only – requirement for responsible ownership.

14 day ago

What Is Boat Tail Ammunition

The jargon used by members of the gun community can occasionally be confusing. Sometimes, people fly through different names of guns, parts and ammunition so fast it seems like an alien language. Take, for example, boat-tail ammunition. What on God’s green earth does a boat have to do with ammunition? Though the name may seem silly, rest assured that no one is trying to mess with you — there really is such a thing as boat-tail ammunition. Read on to learn what it is and why it’s designed the way that it is.
15 day ago