9mm Ammo Penetration Test – FMJ vs JHP

In this video ammunition review, our Ammunition Depot firearms expert Matt field-tests popular 9mm ammo types by comparing the penetration power of FMJ vs JHP 9mm ammo against some common everyday items and barrier materials.

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The Best Mobile Apps For Shooters

The presence of powerful computers used in today’s smart phone opens a whole world of possibilities for today's shooters. Here is a look at a few that can help you improve your ability to hit targets.

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Hunting With An AR-15

While the AR-15 isn’t the most popular rifle for hunting, its prevalence in hunting camps and deer stands increases every year. Here are a few things to consider before heading to your hunting camp with one over your shoulder.

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5.56 Ammo Guide: M855 vs. M193

When shopping for 5.56mm ammunition M855 and M193 are sure to land on the potential “buy” list. Both popular loads have one small issue, but several things going for them. The good news is they are often the cheapest ammunition available and M855 adheres to military specifications, which can be beneficial. 

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Buck Shot vs Bird Shot For Self Defense

If there’s one topic in the discussion of home defense that is argued about as much as the 9mm vs the 45, it’s whether birdshot or 00 Buck should be used in a shotgun. I’ve heard experienced law enforcement officers and tactical trainers argue for both. So, what’s the truth? Can birdshot be effective in a home defense shotgun, or will it only make your attacker mad? Well, I’m going to give you the facts and you can make up your own mind.

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Optics For Close Encounters: Red Dot vs Scout Scope vs LPVO

When it comes to selecting a close- to moderate-range optical sight for your carbine there are essentially three options. There is a wide selection of red dot sights and LPVO (low power variable optics) and there are a few scout scopes to choose from. Which is best for you and your carbine? It will depend. Here’s a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each, and where they might best serve you.

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Bonded vs Non-Bonded Handgun Bullets

When it comes to defensive handgun bullets there’s a misconception that bonded bullets are more lethal than non-bonded bullets. Some believe that the bonding of the bullet’s jacket to its core will make the bullet stop bad guys faster. Bonded defensive handgun bullets do have some advantages over their non-bonded counterparts, but you might be surprised to learn just exactly what those advantages are.

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Guide To .223 Ammunition: M193, M855, Match and Varmint Loads

No cartridge has more ammunition produced for it that the .223 Remington, largely due to the popularity and the voracious appetite of the AR-15. The most popular bullet weights vary from 50 grains up to 77 grains. Here’s a look at the most common bullet weights and types and where each serves best. 

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.308 Winchester: How To Pick The Right Bullet Weight

Few cartridges can claim the number of commercial ammunition offerings like the .308 Winchester. Bullet weights can vary from 110 grains all the way up to 185 grains, but the most relevant loads sit between 147 grains and 175 grains. Even in that smaller weight range, there are still numerous different bullet types. Here’s how to pick the right one for you.

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Chassis vs Stock: Hunting Rifle Upgrades

Chassis stocks are no longer an oddity on hunting rifles. They use advanced materials and have lots of shooter-friend features and are easy to install. Any of these three picks can be a smart upgrade to your favorite deer gun. 

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