How to Refinish a Gun Stock

 Having a beautiful wood gun that is eye-catching and looks heirloom quality is a wonderful thing. Of course, having a gun that looks that way because you personally made it so is even better. Follow this step by step guide and learn to refinish that stock yourself!


How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

Whenever possible, you should clean your firearms as soon as possible after shooting them, but what about guns that haven't been fired recently? Read on to help develop a schedule to keep your guns clean and properly functioning!


Gun Safety: 7 Tips Every Gun Owner Should Know

Most people are familiar with the four rules of gun safety. But that's not the end: there are other safety considerations to keep in mind. For this post, we’ve chosen 7 additional gun safety tips that every shooter should know.

20 day ago

Top 5 Best Guns For Home Defense

When it comes down to it, the best gun for home defense is the one you can get to the quickest and effectively use. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve created a list of  the top 5 best guns for home defense based on: ease of use, functionality, availability, and reliability.

2 months ago

Where Can I Shoot My Gun?

 It doesn't matter if you're practicing for accuracy, training for self-defense, getting more accustomed to how your gun shoots, or preparing for competitions, you'll need somewhere to shoot. But where should that be done? Read on to find out where you can safely shoot your gun.

2 months ago

Gun History: Origin Of The 21 Gun Salute

Today, the tradition of the 21 gun salute is still carried out for major American holidays and when the President leaves or returns home. But, what's the meaning of this salute? Read on for the origin of the 21 gun salute.
3 months ago

Gun History: Who Invented Gunpowder?

A prime and necessary component of all things firearm, gunpowder is at the core of shooting. That being said, it's rarely something we as gun owners think about. Who invented it? And Why? Read on for the history of gunpowder!

3 months ago

What State Has The Strictest Gun Laws?

The laws pertaining to guns vary from state to state almost as much as the opinions on them. If you're a gun owner (or considering it) it’s important to familiarize yourself with state laws in any state you plan to live, move, or travel there with your guns.
3 months ago

Gun History: When Was the First Gun Made?

Many people consider guns as a relatively modern invention but, in actuality, firearms date back about a thousand years. Read on to learn more about the history of the gun and follow its evolution into the modern era.

3 months ago

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Gun? [State by State]

The age requirements to purchase a handguns or long guns are dependent upon which type of gun you're buying and where you’re buying them. To make it a little easier to understand what the age requirements are for buying a gun, we've created a handy state-by-state list of how old you must be to purchase a gun.

3 months ago