Top Firearms and Gear - Day 2 SHOT Show 2023

Shot Show 2023 Top Firearms and Accessories
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Top Firearms and Gear - Day 2 SHOT Show 2023

Day 2 Highlights: Handguns and Rifles 

With Day 2 of SHOT Show 2023 in the books, I was back on the floor scoping out the best new products our industry has to offer.

Make no mistake, there are a VAST number of new handguns, rifles, gear, and accessories to uncover - But rest assured, I'm doing my best to see them all!

Alpha Foxtrot

Alpha foxtrot is one of the many companies that is taking advantage of the Glock gen 3 design as can be seen in their AF-C line of pistols.

The AF-C features Glock 18 Gen 3 parts compatibility with a little twist - the AF-C features an anodized aluminum frame and a very nice short take-up, crisp trigger.

The AFC is also optic-ready. The gun that Alpha Foxtrot displayed that I really want however is their 1911-S15!

The 1911-S15 is a 1911 pattern, 9mm pistol with a nice surprise; the 1911-S15 uses your choice of Shield Arms S15 Glock compatible magazines or Glock 19 magazines.

The 1911-S15 comes also optioned as optic ready and in different cerakote finishes.  The trigger was very nice and crisp like a good 1911 should be, and you get the benefit of using all your Glock magazines!


SAR USA is another manufacturer that has a Glock-like striker-fired pistol on the market. Where the SAR-9 line of pistols shines is in ergonomics and style at a nice price.

The SAR-9 pistols come in a variety of configurations with options of color finishes, barrel lengths, threaded barrels, and optics mounting with an average price of $452.

One issue though - the SAR USA website doesn’t adequately describe which pistols have optics mounting options or threaded barrels, so if you’re interested, find one in a store to look at to make sure you’re getting the features you want.


  • Polymer Frame
  • Forged Steel Barrel & Slide
  • Interchangeable Grip Panels
  • Manual Safety
  • Striker Status Indicator
  • Picatinny Accessory Rail


I have to admit, I am really surprised at how much I liked the feel of Mossberg’s newest product, the MC2 line of 9mm pistols!

My initial thought was, “Yay.  Another vanilla striker-fired pistol hits the market, but this time from a shotgun company.”

However, after taking some time and handing the MCS C and MC2 SC, I kind of wanted one! 

The compact MCS C and subcompact MC2 SC pistols feel very natural in the hand and seem like they would conceal very well for everyday carry.

The MC2 line of pistols is optic-ready, and can be had with options like tritium sights and a reversible cross-bolt safety.

Christensen Arms

If I ever win the lottery, something from the Christensen Arms catalog would have to end up in my gun safe.

Christensen Arms builds some seriously beautiful, modern, lightweight precision rifles, sporting carbines, and even bolt action pistols.

Known for using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber to bring about precision at a lower weight, Christensen Arms is definitely standing out among the crowd.

Their MHR (Modern Hunting Rifle) series of rifles features forged carbon stocks and aluminum receivers in a modular setup that can be configured for the individual shooter. The MHR looks like modern art!

Day 2 Highlights: Gear and Accessories

Tac Rig Holsters

TacRig has brought a really neat, modular holster to the market that I'm hoping to get my hands on to do a more hands-on and in-depth review.

The TacRig Flex system uses quick locking connectors to reconfigure the holster for your carry tasks. The system also gives you the flexibility of being able to have an IWB holster that can be quickly transformed to a belt-slide holster.

Additionally, the user can disconnect the holster shell that holds their gun to switch it out for a different shell for another pistol.  The holster shells can also be mounted on other fixtures using their connectors.

SafariLand Holsters

New from SafariLand comes the SafariVault – The strongest holster body Safariland has ever built.

The all-new self-clearing optic cover accommodates closed and open emitter pistol optics, while a magnetic holstering guidance system stabilizes the slide while holstering.

The intuitive design speeds up time to target and ease of re-holstering. SafariVault’s open muzzle design provides clearance for threaded barrels or compensators and allows debris or brass to pass through.


  • Increased structural integrity for increased impact resistance
  • Improved ALS™ design reduces holster body flex
  • Self-clearing optic cover accommodates wide range of pistol optics
  • Magnetic guidance system aligns firearm while holstering.
  • Minimal learning curve for those with Safariland duty holster experience
  • Pass through muzzle design for threaded barrels, debris, or brass
  • Compatible with all Safariland 3-hole pattern accessories
  • Available fits for
    • Glock 17/19/34/45/47
    • Sig P320/P320c X-Frame
    • Sig Standard frames

That about does it for Day 2 - Hopefully everyone is enjoying the content, articles, and product information! 

Be sure to leave us comment down below and let us know what you thought of of the all the new items. Did you see anything in particular that stood out or that you'd want to pickup for yourself? 

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