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Top 50 Gun Blogs for Firearm Enthusiasts
Ammunition Depot Gun Blog

In today’s divisive political climate, few issues are as contentious as those relating to Second Amendment rights. Convoluted legislation and state-specific legal differences make the topic of gun possession a hot button for folks on both ends of the barrel.

As a resource devoted to the principle that every patriot has a God-given right to defend country, family and oneself with firearms, we also believe that without access to ammunition, there would be no reason to own guns, thus our mission, selling high-quality ammunition at affordable prices, is our priority.

Whether you’re a member of the law enforcement community, a recreational or competitive shooter, it’s important to stay in the loop about guns, gear, laws, and training.

One of the best ways to do that is by frequenting relevant blogs. We’ve picked the cream of the crop to profile here. Read one. Read them all. You'll learn a lot.


Postings originated by high-profile writers like Ammoland Editor Joe Evans and other writers who are as familiar with guns as they are about reporting news, spread the word about all aspects of firearm ownership.

While most bloggers writing are men, the occasional female gun lover is happy to explain why a woman without a gun is like a rifle without a scope.

The Truth About Guns

The staff behind this high-profile blog consists of heavyweights that run the gamut from publisher Robert Farago to Testing/Reviews Editor Jeremy.

Expect to find posts entertaining: From updates on blogger John Boch’s pet ferret to a mommy blogger who adores guns but dislikes Sarah Palin prove that boring reads don't exist on this blog.


Blog posts pop up on both the home page of this website and on The Wire. Bloggers have a pulse on everything related to firearms.

Even the invitation to respond to content is unique: “Email us or tie your note to a pigeon. We shoot everything but the messenger.” Sound like a site that has your name written all over it?

USA Carry

When site founder Luke McCoy launched USA Carry in 2007, he focused on Nevada only. But as the blog picked up steam, his audience expanded.

As a website developer for 18 years, McCoy understands technical and creative aspects of producing diverse posts that get read, like how to spot bad neighborhoods plus updates on the latest conceal carry laws.

Smart Gun Laws

You’ll recognize famous folks on the blog pages of a site that examines the other side of the national debate on gun laws.

Smart Gun Laws, overseen by Executive Director Robin Thomas, promotes more legislation, not less, to protect Americans from gun-related violence. Find a running total of annual American gun victims on page one.

Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory’s blog posts will satisfy your need for contemporary firearms-related updates and news.

Named for George Washington’s ammunition and gun carriage storage armory (circa 1777), the Reese family acquired the Springfield brand in 1974 to produce historically significant gun designs but you’ll read about other brands on this site, too.

The Firearm Blog

The Firearm Blog is a collection of blog categories dedicated to specific areas of interest that include controversial topics, industry news, opinions and product profiles.

All of this content is organized by Steve Johnson, “Founder and Dictator-In-Chief.” Opposing viewpoints are encouraged but inflammatory and vulgar feedback isn't welcome

Guns & Ammo

The Guns & Ammo Forum serves a useful purpose for visitors because it covers all bases from weapons reviews to late-breaking news about gun ownership.

If you join the active readership, you’ll be in good company since visitors on a single day reaches over 35,000.

Gun Digest

Gun Digest has probably been around longer than you have. Founded in 1944, this publisher produces books, magazines, guides and newsletters, but if you don’t have time for long reads, the blog delivers current news, opinion pieces, product updates, vintage gun art posters and deals.

Read blog posts crafted by Elwood Shelton, Gun Digest’s online content developer.

A Girl & A Gun

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) has been offering friendly and certified firearms training for women since 2011.

Every day AG & AG witnesses the transformation of women who set out to learn how to shoot and in the process discover a confidence in themselves that improves all areas of their lives.

With blog articles on marksmanship, competition, concealed carry, home defense, the safe storage of guns in the home, mindset, and many other topics, AG & AG is a welcoming place for all women..

The Well-Armed Woman

This is the place firearms and femininity meet. Even headlines are colored purple, but this blog is a no-wuss zone.

Women and men can bone up on conceal carry issues, politics, tactical training and if you want to see what fearless chicks are up to, check out the blog’s “Just for fun” category.

Ladies: this is the mother lode of blogs and you can shop here, too!

Silencer Co.

The first thing you’ll notice is the liberal use of graphics to accompany posts, so you won’t be wandering the site to figure out whether or not a post is worth your mouse click.

Founded in 2008 on the principle that “Guns don’t have to be loud,” this blog explores more than silencer-related news. While the guys behind the words aren't named, you can find their faces on the blog's About page if you're curious.

Accurate Shooter

Launched in 2004 by a Harvard graduate, this resource pledged to become the most “authoritative reloading and technical resource for match calibers” in the U.S.

Post are written by gun owners rather than gun writers. Total content on this blog runs a staggering 2,000 pages. Jay Christopherson is the guy who makes sure new posts are added to the archive.

Personal Defense World

If the topic of self-defense intrigues you, the PDW blog addresses all aspects of this important subject.

From product introductions to fun (forget flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day and take your love shooting instead). Posts are gleaned from many sources including prolific writer and gun enthusiast Massad Ayoob.


The ArmsVault blog layout features a pull-down menu that allows visitors to spot areas of interest fast, so if all you want are product reviews, you won’t waste time searching for the right portal.

Greg Summers founded this site to inform gun owners about new products, industry news and views--but his biggest focus is on strengthening the Second Amendment.

Range 365

You’ll find plenty of posts geared toward women shooters on this site. Does this mean that guys get short shrift? Hardly.

From legislative news to product-specific editorial content, Range 365 is part of the Field & Stream Network, so there’s industry power behind this resource, all of which benefits readers of either gender.

Alien Gear Holsters

Thomas Tedder, the man behind the brand, has been informing fans since 2013.

Claiming Alien Gear Holsters is “a new kind of concealed carry holster company,” we took Tedder’s word and highly recommend blog posts you’ll encounter, not all of which revolve around holsters.

Gun News Daily

If you’re as hungry for gun news as you are for local and national news, this daily blog post is right up your alley.

Gun News Daily calls itself “the longest running gun news website in the US. Since 2001.” Chris Browning authors blog posts culled from international sources, so you’ll find everything from insights into China’s plan for domination to state-specific legislation here.

Gun Trust Lawyer

Attorney David M. Goldman has amassed so many legal resources, his state-specific links can help you track down legislation and legal happenings that pertain specifically to your state.

Posts are efficiently organized on an archives list that gets you to your topic of interest fast so you don't have to cut short your time at the range.

Fat of the Land

For hunters who have no idea what to do with game after bagging it, Fat of the Land may have you drooling over your keyboard thanks to posts that teach you to troll Mother Nature for ingredients to make world-class meals.

The RSS feed puts you in touch with other modern-day foragers. This blog is helmed by intrepid outdoorsman Langdon Cook.

Every Day No Days Off

The ENDO blog is unique in that it’s driven by content that runs the gamut from cartoons to movie and video game reviews, but count on the firearm focus as the thread that ties everything together.

Piloted by “Mike,” this blog’s t-shirt library is fun so your blog subscription can flesh out your wardrobe while you’re being entertained and informed.

Firearms Policy Coalition

This blog puts the Constitution front and center. Stay up-to-date on firearms-related legal action and shop for weapons-related togs while registering for giveaways like the Winchester SXP Defender rifle that’s tied to the defense of California’s anti-gun bills.

Some posts are staff driven; others appear to be submitted by members, but attributions aren’t named.

Gun Nuts

This blog’s head gun nut, Caleb Giddings, wants you to know that he grew a mustache while running his discussion on firearms that includes brand and model profiles, training protocols and reviews.

You can respond to the stream of posts by agreeing to two rules: “1. Don’t be a dick. 2. Don’t piss off the staff.” Promise not to do either and you gain access to all 1,911 of the blog’s gun reviews.

Precision Rifle Blog

Nearly 8,000 gun enthusiasts subscribe to this blog feed so founders must be doing things right.

The “easy find” menu allows you to find eclectic topics that include everything from product reviews to a segment devoted to optics. Cal Zant is the brains behind the blog that features plenty of advice from pros, so expect a solid read every time you visit.

My Gun Culture

For sheer entertainment value, the Half-cocked archive is loaded with offbeat humor and satire but the rest of this website is serious business.

Tom McHale’s opinion pages are loaded (pun intended) with introspective, legislative and product-related news and revelations and McHale is happy to give you free access to “Fistful of Shooting Tips,” his informative eBook.

Guns and Tactics

Neatly organized into a grid format and featuring images that support content, this blog profiles gun owners, promotes contests and delivers updates on 2nd Amendment issues.

The Featured Editorial pull-down menu gives you fast access to topics. Jerry House, “a criminal justice professional and self-proclaimed Second Amendment scholar” is the guy behind the blog.

Gun Owners of California

You don’t have to live on the West Coast to find this blog relevant. Topics are timely. Posts are well written.

Claiming to be “the oldest pro-gun political action committee in the U.S.,” the GOC profiles new weapons, tracks legislation and holds a weekly gun raffle, so there’s plenty to explore courtesy of GOC founder, retired Senator H.L. Richardson.

Say Uncle

There’s no shortage of irreverent text on the Say Uncle site (e.g.: “We say more dumb shit before noon than most people say all day”), so if you’re looking for pure blog that’s short on words but long on sentiment, this is it.

Colion Noir, the guy behind the blog, has organized these pages nicely. The right sidebar gets you to posts fast and while not all of the content is original, it’s all relevant.

Black Man with a Gun

The Reverend Kenn Blanchard takes multi-tasking seriously: he’s a military vet, a man of God and media geek as enamored with posting as he is about podcasting.

Double down on your gun-focused media by sampling his podcasts on the YouTube Channel when you’re not reading his posts.

Pew Pew Tactical

Founder and Editor-in-Chief Eric Hung knows that site visitors will look at his company name twice, so the biomedical engineer acknowledges an uphill battle as visitors ask, “With a name like that, how can I take you guys seriously?”

He practices the Zen of shooting when he’s not researching blog topics and if you need hats and tees, you can buy them from him, too.

Guns, Holsters and Gear

When ex-law enforcement official Richard Johnson launched the GHG website in 2007, his goal was unambiguous: publishing “honest shooting gear reviews and only the most interesting news coverage on the firearms industry.”

That stated, you’ll also find some fun stuff profiled, like the Tactical Lego that was on display at the last SHOT show.

Eagle Gun Range Texas

This website is affiliated with physical shooting ranges headquartered in Lewisville and Farmer’s Branch, both communities within the Dallas metro area.

But you don’t have to patronize either range to find relevant news about competitions, training, gun safety and new product introductions because blogger Andy Rutledge covers it all.

Loose Rounds

This blog’s archives go back to 2012 so chronological posts can help you understand what's going on with firearms ownership issues for the past 5 years.

This site bills itself as the firearms E-zine you can count on. Use the “top posts and pages” sidebar on the left of the page for editorial gleaned from outside sources and head blogger, Shawn.

Shall Not be Questioned

Originally called “Snowflakes in Hell,” Sebastian and Bitter (not their real names) grew tired of explaining their blog’s name so they borrowed a phrase from the Pennsylvania Constitution: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

Catch up on daily reads, gun groups and other current, relevant and timely news.

Cal Gun Laws

If you’re a casual blog reader with an interest in guns and the legalities that surround them, you can learn a lot by reading these blog posts.

If you’re an attorney or Second Amendment civil rights activist, Cal Gun Laws could become an indispensable resource if you can’t get enough information about firearms-related policy or you need legal information about weapons.

Only Guns and Money

The official name of this blog is "No Lawyers Only Guns and Money" and the name says it all: If you’ve got bucks and bullets, life is sweet.

Use the right sidebar to find archives dating to 2010, though the most relevant are under the 2017 link. Blogger John Richardson pulls no editorial punches when choosing topics of interest all gun owners will find relevant.

American Shooting Journal

This online publication is helmed by Editor Jon Hines and features news and lifestyle posts that cover everything from contests and apparel to young, upcoming “sports kids” on the “Shooters” profile pages.

You’ll be inspired and informed by everything appearing on this relevant blog.

The Range 702

You could be shocked to find a bunch of guys downing beers in Vegas when you activate this blog link, but no worries. They’re not carrying.

Content may be culled from the actual The Range 702, a shooting range headquartered in that city. Bone up on posts related to gadgets, gear, guns and guides and don’t be surprised if you’re entertained and informed at the same time.

Weapon Blog

Site founder Aaron Spuler blogs about a wide range of topics from contests and gear reviews to Texas gun legislation, but he’s also got a heart.

Weapon Blog raises money for charitable causes, so while reading posts on contemporary gun-focused topics you can also donate if you wish.

Need a founding principles review? Every word of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence can be found here, too.

Rem 870

If your interest in weapons stops and starts at the Remington brand, bookmarking this site keeps you in constant touch with Remington Model 870 news.

But not everything is serious: download the free Zombie target poster if you don’t have anything to shoot at.

Driven by his passion for the Remington 870, site founder Vitaly uses his experience as a firearms instructor to drive editorial content.

The Liberal Gun Club

Of course, liberals own guns, and if that describes you, this blog pairs progressive thinking with aggressive shooting, a match made in heaven.

As passionate about gun rights, legislation, safety and shooting sports as the most outspoken conservative blog site, the LGC blog even has Democratic and Green Party followers, so you could learn a thing or two with each visit.

Vuurwapen Blog

Andrew Tuohy made it clear to his blog readers that his site is a vitriol-free zone and readers are happy to comply because they like his style.

If you require a reading list of weapons-related publications you’ll find it here, but it’s the posts generated by the military vet who’s served in Fallujah and Anbar Province that will impress you most.

Black Sheep Warrior

We’re not sure whether site founder Will was the black sheep of his family, but it doesn't matter because he has serious credentials in law enforcement and a passion for tactical gear.

When you’re not reading his posts you can browse pictures on the blog’s photo gallery or shop for the newest gear. Check the site giveaway link to see if Will has freebies you'd like to claim.

Guns Guns Guns

Jed Henson never met gun-related content he couldn't post, so you'll find plenty of relevant topics associated with handgun ownership here.

Henson’s site boasts 1,679 pages that profile everything from 22-caliber “plinkers” to 50-caliber hand cannons, just in case there’s a revolution brewing in your area. Gun ratings and reviews are especially informative.

Armory Blog

Editor-in-chief Ray started Armory Blog in 2009 after a career in video games that still doesn’t match his passion for firearms.

His launch was triggered by sampling other blogs and finding them dry and unimaginative. Read firearm news, reviews and there’s even a humor link that can show you how to make a Twinkie silencer if you have no plans to eat your cake.

Gun Safe Able

How important are gun safes in today’s world? Important enough to warrant a website with a blog that not only focuses on these essentials but provides conduits to editorial that covers all aspects of weapons ownership.

While this is essentially a review site, founder Richard Williams posts enough gun-related information to make a visit here worthwhile.

Gun Culture 2.0

This eclectic mash-up of scholarly writings, humor and practical gun-related editorial makes this blog “the thinking shooter’s” favorite.

Viewers can access archives that date to 2012, each posted by David Yamane, a sociologist, professor, prolific thinker and shooting enthusiast who has so much to say, prepare to spend more time than usual perusing his content.

Misfires and Light Strikes

Blog founder Kevin Creighton calls his mission a chance to serve as a bridge between weapons owners, firearm manufacturers and media since all things gun-related remain his priority.

Scroll down the right-facing side bar on the blog page to find categories you’re most interested in. You’ll also find podcast links if you want to do more than just read.

Hell in a Handbasket

James, the man behind the cleverly named blog, has been sharing posts since 2009.

He describes himself as “helping innocent souls find peace of mind.” Aptly so, the write-ups you will find are reviews on guns based on firsthand experience, safety practices, self-defense tips, and survival techniques, which he presents with utmost wit.

The Gun Writer

An investigative reporter for the Herald Tribune, Lee Williams leads the information-packed blog with Mike Young and Carrie Rasmussen.

Together they deliver news and features on firearms, gun safety, and other related topics. You can browse through articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos as they share vital info on how to be a responsible gun enthusiast.


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