The History of Precision Made Cartridges

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The History of Precision Made Cartridges

Welcome to the rich and storied history of PMC Ammunition, a leading brand in the ammunition industry.

PMC, which stands for Precision Made Cartridges, was founded with a crucial mission – to promote self-reliance and meet the ammunition needs of South Korea.

Since its inception, PMC has evolved into a powerhouse renowned for its exceptional quality, reliability, and commitment to excellence.

PMC Ammunition is proudly owned by the Poongsan Corporation, a distinguished South Korean company specializing in non-ferrous metals, including copper and titanium.

Established in 1968, the Poongsan Corporation quickly grew to become one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of ammunition.

Guided by the goal of achieving self-sufficiency in ammunition production, the corporation created the PMC brand to cater not only to the needs of South Korea but also to the global commercial market.

What sets PMC apart is its unwavering dedication to vertical integration. PMC produces all its components in-house, starting from raw materials. This comprehensive approach allows PMC to exercise meticulous control over each step of the manufacturing process, ensuring unparalleled quality and consistency.

PMC's commitment to self-reliance is exemplified by the fact that they even operate their own brass mill, manufacturing the brass used to create the cartridge cases.

By maintaining control over the entire production process, PMC guarantees the integrity of its products and provides customers with ammunition of the highest caliber.

PMC Cartridge Loading Assembly Machine

PMC Ammunition is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities located in South Korea, specifically at the Poongsan Corporation's Angang and Dongrae plants.

These advanced facilities utilize cutting-edge technology and adhere to ISO certification standards, representing PMC's unyielding commitment to

At Ammunition Depot, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of PMC ammunition for sale.

PMC offers a diverse range of product lines, each designed to meet specific shooting needs with unwavering performance and reliability.

PMC Product Lines

PMC Bronze Ammo Logo

PMC Bronze ammunition is known for its reliable performance, making it suitable for serious competition or casual paper punching.

This line of ammunition combines affordability with downrange results, making it an excellent choice for high-volume shooting.

PMC SFX Ammo Logo

PMC SFX ammunition is engineered for personal defense, featuring high-performance hollow-point cartridges designed to provide trouble-free and reliable feeding.

With its hyper-expansion capabilities, SFX ammunition delivers exceptional stopping power.

PMC eRange Ammo Logo

PMC eRange ammunition is ideal for extended practice sessions in confined spaces, such as indoor ranges. This line of ammunition incorporates special technology to eliminate airborne lead and heavy metals, reducing burn residues in firearms and brass cases.

For special orders, please contact PMC Ammunition directly.

PMC X-Tac Ammo Logo

PMC X-TAC ammunition is designed and manufactured as if your life depended on it. With a focus on uncompromising performance and reliability, X-TAC ammunition is suitable for both civilian and law enforcement applications, ensuring peace of mind in critical situations.

PMC X-Tac Match Ammo Logo

PMC X-TAC Match ammunition raises the bar for competitive shooters, providing uncompromising performance and quality. This line of ammunition features projectiles from American manufacturer Sierra, delivering pinpoint accuracy for long-range and competitive shooting.

Popular PMC Calibers

PMC offers a wide range of calibers to cater to diverse shooting needs. Some of the calibers offered by PMC Ammunition include:

PMC offers a range of options in the popular 5.56x45mm caliber, commonly used in AR-15 rifles.

With its X-TAC and X-TAC Match lines, PMC delivers reliable and accurate performance, catering to the needs of both civilian and law enforcement shooters.

Shooting PMC Ammo: A Review at the Range

Now that we've explored the rich history and diverse product lines of PMC Ammunition let's dive into shooting PMC ammo at the range.

As firearms enthusiasts and avid shooters, we understand the importance of objective data when evaluating ammunition performance.

Consistency is key when it comes to ammunition, and PMC Ammunition aims to deliver just that. We utilized a chronograph to measure round velocity, as consistent velocity often indicates on-target performance.

It's important to note that variations can arise due to factors such as different barrel lengths, shooting altitudes, humidity levels, or even nuances with our chronograph setup.

Nevertheless, the average velocity is an interesting comparison point with the manufacturer's specifications.

To truly assess consistency, we delved deeper into the data by examining the ammunition's extreme spread (ES) and standard deviation (SD). The extreme spread representing the difference between the highest and lowest recorded velocities provides insight into consistency over distance.

A low ES indicates consistent performance, while a high ES can introduce variations that impact shot placement, especially at longer ranges.

Similarly, the standard deviation (SD) measures the spread of velocities from the average performance. A lower SD signifies higher consistency and is particularly important for achieving precision and accuracy.

By analyzing the ES and SD, we better understand the ammunition's reliability and performance.

PMC ammunition exhibited commendable results. The extreme spreads and standard deviations were within acceptable ranges, indicating consistent performance suitable for medium to close ranges.

PMC ammo fulfills the requirements for practice and recreational shooting.

Accuracy is a vital aspect of any ammunition evaluation. Still, it is essential to recognize that accuracy primarily relies on the shooter's skills rather than the ammunition alone.

No matter how high-quality the ammunition is, proficiency in fundamentals such as breathing, trigger control, and follow-through is paramount. Therefore, we stress the importance of mastering the basics before focusing on ammunition selection.

PMC's .223/5.56 loads proved comparable to other practice rounds within the same price range, and we observed no significant differences between the Bronze and X-TAC lines.

Reliability is of utmost importance, especially in defensive shooting scenarios. PMC ammunition impressed us with its flawless performance, consistently going "BANG" with each trigger pull.

Our rapid-fire mag dumps demonstrated the ammunition's reliability as every round found its mark within the silhouette target. Furthermore, PMC ammo operated without causing excessive fouling or marring the internals of our firearms.

In terms of cost, PMC ammunition offers outstanding value. Its affordability makes it attractive for shooters seeking regular practice and recreational shooting without straining their budget.

In conclusion, PMC ammunition is a cost-effective, reliable choice for shooters of all levels.

While it may not be the ultimate contender for high-stakes match competitions, it consistently delivers excellent performance, holds decent shot groups, and keeps your firearms clean.

For more options and affordable deals, checkout out our PMC Brand Page to purchase the Precision Made Cartridge brand and caliber that best fits your needs.

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