Overview and Installation of the RT15 Complete AR Lower Receiver

RT15 Complete AR Lower Receiver
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Overview and Installation of the RT15 Complete AR Lower Receiver

In the ever-evolving world of firearms, the Rattlesnake Tactical RT15 Poly Complete Lower emerges as a significant innovation, redefining the standards of AR15 customization.

This remarkable piece of engineering is a harmonious blend of lightweight construction and unparalleled strength, revolutionizing how AR owners assemble and customize their rifles.

Constructed from a high-grade, resilient polymer material, the RT15 Poly Complete Lower is not just about robustness; it's about reimagining the AR15 as a featherweight yet formidable firearm.

Its compatibility with standard mil-spec components makes it versatile, enabling seamless integration with various AR15 uppers. This adaptability allows for effortless assembly of a complete rifle tailored to the individual shooter's preferences.

The collapsable, 6-position stock, integrated oversized trigger guard, and rugged polymer trigger group contribute to its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Particularly appealing to tactical shooters who often equip their rifles with heavy optics or accessories, the RT15's ultra-lightweight nature is a game-changer. Whether it's for hunting expeditions or navigating through challenging terrains, every ounce saved can make a substantial difference.

The RT15 Poly Complete Lower, with its extreme toughness and three-year factory warranty, promises a significant weight reduction, enhanced handling, and reduced fatigue during extended use.

In essence, the RT15 Poly Complete Lower is an invitation to start your custom AR15 build on a lighter yet stronger foundation, saving on both weight and the need for expensive machining typically required for forged or milled lowers.

It's a tactical advantage that every AR owner can appreciate!

Key Features

  • Complete Lower Receiver:
    • Crafted from a rugged yet lightweight polymer material.
    • Compatible with any standard mil-spec components.
    • Ideal for creating a custom AR15 rifle.
  • Collapsible, 6-Position Stock:
    • Offers adjustable length for personalized comfort and handling.
  • Integrated Oversized Trigger Guard:
    • Enhances accessibility, especially for users wearing gloves.
  • Ultra-Lightweight:
    • Crucial for shooters with heavy optics and accessories, the RT15 Poly complete lower is designed for maximum weight distribution.
  • Rugged Polymer Trigger Group:
    • Ensures reliability and durability under various shooting conditions.
  • Extremely Tough Polymer Buffer Tube:
    • Contributes to the overall durability of the lower receiver.
  • Excellent for Custom AR15 Builds:
    • Provides a versatile platform for firearm enthusiasts to create their ideal setup.
  • Three-Year Factory Warranty:
    • Backed by a warranty for added peace of mind.

Weight Savings for Tactical Shooters

For marksmen employing heavy rifle optics and accessories, every ounce saved can make a significant difference.

This is particularly true for those planning to carry their rifles for extended periods, such as during hunts or wilderness excursions.

Tactical shooters favoring shorter barrel lengths and compact optics will appreciate the RT15 Poly complete lower's lightweight design, enabling quicker handling and reduced fatigue during prolonged periods of firearm readiness.

Effortless Upper Receiver Installation

The process of installing an upper receiver on the RT15 Poly complete lower is both quick and straightforward.

To illustrate, let's walk through the steps of installing an ATI .410 Gauge upper receiver assembly on an RT15 Poly Lower:

STEP 1: Locate and Push Out Takedown Pins
Push the takedown pins out - they are retained in the lower receiver and will not come all of the way out.

AR Take-down Pins

STEP 2: Align Forward Takedown Lugs & Secure with Takedown Pin
Locate the forward takedown lug on the upper receiver and match it to the forward takedown lugs on the RT15 Poly lower receiver.

Once these lugs are all lined up, push the forward takedown pin through the upper receiver's takedown lugs to secure the front of the upper receiver to the front of the lower receiver.

This will create a hinge setup, allowing you to manipulate parts inside the rifle.

RT15 Complete AR Lower - Install Image

STEP 3: Swap Buffers
We will need to remove and swap the buffer from the RT15 Poly lower to the .410 gauge specific buffer included with the ATI .410 Gauge Upper.

Simply depress the retaining pindown far enough that the buffer's spring pressure pushes the buffer out of the buffer tube.

Buffer Retention Pin
Buffer Spring

Remove the RT15 Poly lower's buffer from the spring, replace it with the ATI .410 buffer, and reinsert the buffer and spring as an assembly into the buffer tube in the same orientation in which it was originally seated. Press the buffer all the way back into the buffer tube until it is behind the buffer retaining pin.

Removing Buffer Spring
ATI 410GA Buffer Spring
ATI - Lower Installation Kit
Installing the New Buffer Spring

STEP 4: Close and Secure
Close the upper receiver to the lower receiver so the rear takedown lugs seat inside of each other, and press the rear takedown pin back through the receiver.

Securing AR Take Down Pins
Securing AR Lower Take-down Pins

It's just that quick and simple to install an upper receiver onto a lower receiver! 

AR Lower Installation Complete

The RT15 Poly complete lower can be used with the most common MIL-SPEC AR15 compatible upper receivers, including but not limited to 5.56/.223, 300BLK, 5.7x28, and .22LR!

The RT15 Poly Complete Lower offers firearm enthusiasts a durable, lightweight, and versatile foundation for their AR15 customization endeavors.

With a straightforward upper receiver installation process, it caters to both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to AR assembly, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to build their dream AR15 rifle setup.

AR15 Complete Lower Install Video

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