The new Beretta 92XI Squalo and APX A1 Compact Tactical Pistols

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The new Beretta 92XI Squalo and APX A1 Compact Tactical Pistols

In recent firearm news, Beretta, a well-known Italian firearms manufacturer, has expanded its product line by introducing two new models: the Beretta 92XI Squalo and the Beretta APX A1 Compact Tactical.

The addition of these two handguns reflects Beretta's ongoing commitment to innovation and meeting the needs and preferences of all firearm users within the shooting community.

Let's take a closer look at these innovative offerings with a detailed overview of the 92XI Squalo and the APX A1 Compact Tactical, focusing on their design, features, and the specific enhancements that differentiate them from previous models.

Beretta 92XI Squalo: The Modern Race Pistol

The Beretta 92XI Squalo, inspired by the shark ("Squalo" in Italian), symbolizes the power and precision of one of nature's most efficient predators.

This full-size, semi-automatic pistol is tailored for practical shooting enthusiasts and stands as a modern marvel of firearm engineering. Its design is influenced by the sleek and formidable nature of the shark, aiming to set the user apart in competitive environments.

The 92XI Squalo represents a fusion of power, precision, and a dedication to excellence, reflecting Beretta's commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology.

This results in a superior out-of-the-box pistol that offers a significant competitive advantage to its users.

Key Features:

  • Chambered in 9mm Luger
  • Single-action trigger, ideal for competition
  • Vertec M9A4 frame with steel slide
  • RDO interface for mounting mini reflex sights
  • Flat-faced X-Treme S trigger with DLC surface treatment
  • Ambidextrous oversized safety lever
  • Flared magwell for quick magazine changes
  • Exclusive Hogue grips with sharkskin-inspired texture
  • Cerakote Premium H series finish for durability
  • Comes with three Mec-Gar double-stack magazines (18+4 rounds)

Additional Accessories:

  • 5" barrel with threaded muzzle for compensator
  • IPSC-approved Thunder holster with retention level 1

Price: Starting at $1,299 (U.S. market)

A Beretta Exclusive Series

The updated 92XI Squalo model, developed from the foundational 92X series, features a range of enhancements suitable for advanced firearm users. It is equipped with the X-treme S single-action only trigger and a flat-faced trigger design.

The trigger components are coated with performance DLC, and it includes a lightweight, skeletonized hammer. These modifications contribute to a more precise and responsive trigger pull, offering the option for a cocked and locked position.

Additionally, the 92XI Squalo is fitted with a Toni System flared magwell for quicker magazine changes.

It also boasts a grip with high texturing, uniquely crafted for Beretta by Hogue, enhancing handling and control. The firearm is equipped with a fiber optic front sight to expedite target acquisition.

The model also accommodates MRDS optics mounting, making it a robust and dependable choice for competitive shooting.

It features an extended take-down lever for more efficient follow-up shots and an adjustable magazine release, allowing customization to the user's preference.

The package includes three Mec-Gar magazines, each with an 18 + 4 round capacity, enabling immediate use in shooting ranges or competitions.


Flat trigger profile for more consistent engagement with DLC coated components for a smoother action.


Fiber optic front sight offers a superior sight acquisition with MRDS mounting capability to give that extra edge in competition or defensive situations.


The extended takedown lever makes for better control for faster follow-up shots and the adjustable mag release gives you the ability to customize the orientation to best fit your shooting style.


Comes with a Toni System flared magwell installed for increased reloading speed and three Mec-Gar® 18 + 4 round magazines. Fits within USPSA rules and regulations.


Beretta APX A1 Compact Tactical: Speed and Precision

Ideal for any situation, the Beretta APX A1 Compact Tactical is the ultimate convergence of Form, Function, and Fortitude.

Designed for the modern operator, this compact, striker-fired, 9mm firearm offers speed and versatility by taking the proven ergonomics, reliability, and accuracy of the APX family and delivering a superior firing solution.

Key Features:

  • 4.2" barrel with threaded muzzle (1/2"-28 TPI)
  • Suppressor-ready with blacked-out suppressor height sights
  • Red dot optic-ready, compatible with major MRDSs
  • Interchangeable backstraps for customized grip
  • Extended beavertail for recoil control and comfort
  • Enhanced trigger pull and profile
  • Three 15-round magazines included
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Polymer frame in classic Olive Drab with black controls
  • Compact and ergonomic design

Price: $549 (U.S. market)

A Beretta Exclusive Series

Designed for anyone ranging from the casual shooter to the most demanding professionals in the world, the Beretta APX A1 Compact Tactical boasts an array of features, starting with a threaded muzzle at 1/2" - 28 TPI.

It's suppressor ready, ensuring optimal performance even in stealthy operations, enhanced with blacked-out suppressor height sights so your sight picture remains crystal clear while operating in suppressed mode while granting you unwavering accuracy, and arrives with three 15-round magazines.

Seamlessly transition to the next level of precision with its red dot optic-ready design, which is compatible with all major MRDS.

Ergonomics takes center stage with interchangeable backstraps (S, M, and L size), allowing you to tailor the grip to your preferences.

The extended beavertail offers superior recoil control and enhances comfort during extended shooting sessions. Elevate your tactical game with the APX A1 Compact Tactical as your premier sidearm of choice.


Comes suppressor ready out of the box with a ½” – 28 threaded barrel.


Suppressor height sights are a must-have feature for a clearer sight picture when running suppressed or when getting your red dot sight to co-witness.


Offered in classic Olive Drab with black hardware and backstrap.


Comes standard with three 15 round magazines giving you the tactical advantage in defense situations.



In summary, these two recent additions by Beretta cater to distinct needs within the firearm community.

The 92XI Squalo is particularly well-suited for competitive shooters, thanks to its precision engineering and high-quality components.

On the other hand, the APX A1 Compact Tactical is designed for those seeking a firearm that offers both speed and versatility, making it an excellent choice for personal defense.

Prospective buyers in the EU markets should also watch for their release. As Beretta moves forward in 2024, they continue to innovate and expand their range, providing a variety of options to meet different shooting styles and requirements.

Keep an eye out for further updates and information on availability!

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