4 Firearms Organizations Every Gun Owner in America Should Know

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4 Firearms Organizations Every Gun Owner in America Should Know

Here are our Top 4 to Considersations when Joining a Firearm Organization

Key Takeaways 

  • Firearms organizations offer multiple member benefits
  • Young people and women can find specialized programs
  • Insurance of various kinds is available through some memberships
  • Membership provides weapons knowledge and political insight that keeps gun owners fully informed

Becoming a gun owner effectively enrolls you in a nationwide club.

There's no membership card or fees, but there are plenty of rules when becoming a responsible member of America’s firearms family.

There are also other, more official ways to increase that sense of belonging while boosting your weapon skills, legal awareness, and enjoying many other benefits.

There are hundreds of local and national firearms organizations in the United States that may help to protect your interests or simply give you the opportunity to enjoy your firearms hobby in the company of other enthusiasts.

This guide will offer an overview of some of the most prominent associations, what gun-related matters they deal with, and why you may want to join them.

The National Rifle Association (NRA)

Founded in 1871, the NRA is dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment and its associated rights.

It’s America’s largest firearms organization and oldest civil rights organization. As such, it’s an excellent resource for political insight and up-to-the-minute information from Capitol Hill.

Its millions of members enjoy free entry to NRA events, free literature, and special savings from NRA member partners. There's even an NRA coffee club, wine club, and cigar club.

Membership delivers further advantages like travel deals; a Second Amendment-friendly cellphone network called Patriot Mobile; and insurance for life, health, and accidents alongside property, firearms, and liability.

An annual membership of $45 unlocks all benefits with options to pay $75 for two years, $100 for three, or $150 for five years. Other tiers are lifetime membership, the Life of Duty option (for military, law enforcement, and first responders), and Golden Eagle

The NRA also helps members build their practical firearms knowledge via the many classes offered nationwide, and they’re devoted to advancing firearms skills for the young (via Eddie Eagle and many youth programs) as well as for women.

The NRA also organizes local and national shooting competitions for gun owners to polish and demonstrate their skills.

Gun Owners of America (GOA)

The GOA has been a pro-gun lobbyer since 1976 and considers itself to be the no-compromise advocate for 2 million gun owners in defending their Second Amendment rights.

Membership comes in three tiers, each offering different benefits:

  • Basic: $25 annually gets the GOA newsletter, factsheets, member surveys and polls, and a candidate rating guide.

  • Patriot: Requires a monthly contribution starting from $25 up for as long as the member can do so. It provides all basic benefits plus a custom membership card, special alerts on gun issues, entry into the GOA sweepstakes, and a GOA baseball cap.

  • Life: Costs $1,000, payable at $50 per month, and comes with a custom life member card.

The GOA also provides informational resources and national gun alerts for gun owners to stay current on their home turf’s firearms laws.

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)

The SAF was founded in 1974 and is a non-profit corporation in Washington state. It is dedicated to fighting for Second Amendment rights and providing educational materials alongside legal updates.

Membership is available in four packages: $15 annually, $50 for five years, $150 lifetime membership (Defenders Club), and the $1,000 Patron Committee.

The SAF also offers a perksconnect membership that delivers local and national deals on purchases from selected businesses and brands as well as exclusive gift cards for many leading retail outlets.

A $30 annual fee gets you a 12-month subscription to the Gottlieb-Tartaro Report, an SAF insider’s guide for gun owners.

There is also a free program called 2A First Responders for those wishing to actively participate in pro-gun matters and Second Amendment activism with their personal time and by furthering community engagement.

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

The USCCA is the youngest of our highlighted organizations having been founded in 2004. It offers training, qualifications, resources, and legal assistance to over 605,000 members.

You can join at one of three tiers with associated benefits to enjoy some impressive perks:

Gold Membership: $29 a month (or less for $299 a year)

  • Multi-format subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine
  • Digital videos on situational awareness and use of deadly force
  • Self-defense liability insurance
  • 30% discounts and free in-store shipping
  • USCCA qualification level 1 (Handgun Safety and Marksmanship Fundamentals, Children’s Firearms and Safety Fundamentals, and a live range training requirement at an extra charge).

Platinum Membership: $39 a month (or less for $399 a year)

  • All Gold benefits
  • Five years of Concealed Carry Magazine back issues
  • “Ask an Attorney” video series
  • New training monthly
  • Multiple video training series
  • USCAA qualification level 2 (Defensive Shooting Concepts, Emergency First Aid Fundamentals, and a live range training requirement at an extra charge).

Elite Membership: $49 a month (or less for $499 a year)

  • All Platinum benefits
  • Complete Concealed Carry Magazine archive
  • Further video training episodes
  • Complete “Ask an Attorney” archive
  • USCAA qualification level 3 (Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals, LaserTRAIN, Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, and a live range training requirement at an extra charge).
  • Elite concierge line for non-emergencies

All qualification tiers include annual refreshers and updates.

The USCCA also provides access to their Delta Defense Critical Response Team — an attorney network dedicated to helping USCCA members in the aftermath of a self-defense incident.

Note: USCCA membership is not available to residents of New Jersey, New York, or Washington State.

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