How to Load AR15 Magazines with Stripper Clips and Stripper Clip Guide

How to Load AR15 Magazine with Stripper Clips
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How to Load AR15 Magazines with Stripper Clips and Stripper Clip Guide

The AR15 is a versatile and widely popular firearm known for its ease of customization and modular design.

One essential aspect of owning and using an AR15 is understanding how to load magazines properly and efficiently.

While there are various methods for loading AR15 magazines, using stripper clips and a stripper clip guide is a quick and convenient way to ensure you have your magazines ready for action.

In this How-To article, we'll break down the step-by-step process of loading AR15 magazines using stripper clips and a stripper clip guide.

What are Stripper Clips?

A stripper clip, also known as a charger, is a speed-loading device typically made of metal or plastic, designed to hold a specific number of rounds, usually ten or more, in a single row.

Cartridges are 'stripped' off the clip and directly into the magazine in one smooth motion, often aided by a stripper clip guide that aligns and secures the clip during the process.

Stripper clips are used with firearms with a fixed magazine and enable the owner to quickly and efficiently load their magazines, mainly when rapid reloading is essential.

What is a Stripper Clip Guide?

A stripper clip guide is a tool that simplifies the process of loading ammunition into a firearm's magazine using a stripper clip.

This tool is particularly useful for owners with firearms where the receiver or magazine design complicates the direct loading of cartridges from the stripper clip.

By aligning the stripper clip with the magazine, the guide facilitates a smoother transfer of rounds into the clip, ensuring they are correctly seated and minimizing the risk of errors during the process.

Typically, the stripper clip guide attaches to the firearm's receiver or magazine, providing a tailored channel or slot that accurately positions the stripper clip.

This alignment allows the shooter to rapidly and efficiently push the cartridges into the magazine, streamlining the reloading procedure and making it more efficient.

Video Guide: Loading Magazines from Stripper Clips

Instructions: How to use Stripper Clips and a Stripper Clip Guide

With all the background information out of the way, let's walk through the process of using these tools and loading your AR-15 magazine.

*Remember that safety should always be your top priority! Always ensure your firearm is unloaded and the safety is engaged before beginning.


Gather Your Equipment

  • AR-15 magazines
  • Stripper clips (usually containing 10 rounds)
  • Stripper clip guide
  • Ammunition


Prepare the Stripper Clips

Ensure that your stripper clips are loaded with the desired number of rounds. In most cases, AR-15 stripper clips hold 10 rounds.

Make sure the rounds are properly seated in the clip. Some manufacturers of 5.56/.223 actually pack their ammunition pre-loaded onto 10-round stripper clips.

An example of this is Winchester 5.56 NATO M855 packed on stripper clips, with a stripper clip guide, in a sealed G.I. style ammunition can. 


Position the Stripper Clip Guide

Position the stripper clip guide with the attached stripper clip over the magazine feed opening of the magazine.

There are typically indexing guides at the top-rear of the magazine that the wide end of the stripper clip guide will slide down over.


Insert the Stripper Clip into the Guide

Slide the loaded stripper clip into the stripper clip guide, making sure it is securely in place. The guide will help align the rounds with the magazine.


Load the Magazine

The rounds on the clip should align with the magazine's feed lips. Apply downward pressure on the stripper clip to release the rounds into the magazine.

It is often helpful to have a hard surface, such as the edge of a shooting bench, to push the rounds into the magazine with.  Be sure to keep the stripper clip guide steady during this process.


Remove the Stripper Clip

Once all the rounds are transferred from the stripper clip into the magazine, carefully remove the empty stripper clip from the magazine and discard the empty stripper clip.
*Top Tip: Stripper clips can be reused a handful of times before they fail.


Verify and Repeat

Inspect the magazine to ensure that all rounds are properly seated and not misaligned. Repeat the process with additional stripper clips until the magazine is fully loaded to your desired capacity.


Remove the Stripper Clip Guide

Once you’ve loaded the magazine to full capacity or to the capacity you desire, remove the stripper clip guide from the magazine and inspect it to make sure the cartridges are properly seated.

Stripper Clip Guide Alternatives

The Maglula company sells a device that does away with the need for a stripper clip guide when loading from stripper clips called the Striplula Loader.

Maglula Striplula Clip Loader

The Magula Striplula Loader fits over the top-rear of the magazine in place of the stripper clip guide, a stripper clip of cartridges is inserted into the Striplula, and a handle attached to the Striplula is pressed to force the cartridges into the magazine.


Loading AR-15 magazines using stripper clips and a stripper clip guide is an efficient and time-saving technique for shooters who value quick and reliable magazine loading.

Properly loading your magazines is a critical skill that enhances firearm readiness and ensures a smooth shooting experience.
Always remember to follow safety protocols and handle firearms and ammunition responsibly.