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Designed for uncompromising quality and performance, the Glock G19 9mm magazine is a testament to Glock's dedication to reliability. Built with precision, this compact magazine incorporates the same dependable polymer-and-steel composition known to Glock enthusiasts worldwide, all in a size perfectly suited for day-to-day carry.

  • Durable polymer-and-steel construction
  • Flush-fitting Glock baseplate
  • Numbered witness holes for capacity

Manufactured to seamlessly fit both Glock 19 and 26 pistols spanning Generations 3, 4, and 5, these 15-round standard capacity magazines are enhanced with steel reinforcing inserts to guarantee longevity. Although new Glock magazines are equipped with stiffer springs to ascertain reliability even in the harshest conditions, rest assured that after a few loading cycles, they adapt and become substantially more user-friendly. For those avid range-goers, considering a magazine loader upgrade might just be the key to optimizing your shooting sessions. Uniquely, Glock’s design ethos promotes extensive compatibility within magazine calibers. This adaptability, combined with their innovative polymer frame that negates the need for grip shells, results in ample space for the magazine body. This design decision facilitates a double-row staggered cartridge configuration. Additionally, these magazines incorporate a rigid metal tube enveloped in Glock's signature high-tech polymer, ensuring resilience even under demanding circumstances, be it from substantial drops or extreme environmental challenges. Order your new Glock 9mm magazine online today!

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More Information
Category Magazines
Manufacturer SKU MF19015
UPC 764503190155
Condition New
Manufacturer Glock
Brand Fit Glock
Caliber 9mm
Model Fit G19
Capacity 15
Material Polymer
Magazine Capacity 15
Special Offers New Arrivals

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