Guntubers: 3 Best YouTube Channels For New Gun Owners

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Guntubers: 3 Best YouTube Channels For New Gun Owners

Living in the age of the internet certainly has its benefits. Being able to go online and search for information when you need it is a huge blessing for all of us.

That's especially true when you're starting out on a new endeavor such as gun ownership. Whenever you have a question, you can go online, type in a query, and, viola, multiple sources of information are at your disposal.

Have a question about rifle magazines? Just look it up online. Want to know how to clean your gun?

The answer is at your fingertips. Have a question about certain states' gun laws? Again, the answer awaits you online.

Any information you need regarding firearms can be explained to you in great detail online.

What Is GunTube?

What's even better, though, is that thanks to platforms like YouTube, you now have the option of watching the answers as well.

YouTube is actually one of the most popular search engines on earth, second only to Google. The beauty of YouTube is that you have the ability to watch someone explain or demonstrate the answers to your questions.

As is often the case on websites that attract a lot of visitors, communities develop around the topics found on YouTube.

Various personalities begin to stand out as providing exceptional content when it comes to specific subjects, and cultures can develop around these personalities and subjects within a website.

In the case of guns on YouTube, this has become known as GunTube.

What Is a GunTuber?

GunTubers, those who produce the gun content on YouTube, can be a great help for new gun owners.

They are also an excellent resource for seasoned old timers who've been around guns their whole lives. GunTubers can be educational as well as entertaining, so it doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie or a seasoned shooter, there's a GunTuber out there for you.

To help you get your feet wet and open the door to the world of GunTube, we've compiled a list of three of our favorite content providers, along with some honorable mentions.

Where you take it from there is up to you, but, this is a fun rabbit hole to tumble down, so if you find you've lost some time watching hours of GunTube, don't say we didn't warn you.

Top 3 GunTubers for New Gun Owners

This list is compiled as a general resource to provide a solid introduction to the GunTube community and is based on length of videos, informativeness, and ease of access for a complete beginner.

There are hundreds of GunTubers out there, each with their own unique perspective and something to offer, so let this be the starting line for the marathon that is GunTube.

3. Paul Harrell

Paul Harrell is a retired veteran of both the United States Marine Corps and U.S Army.

He has been a shooting instructor in the military as well as a military competitive shooter. He provides excellent information about various types of guns, shooting techniques, and all things firearms related.

While his videos aren't the most polished productions, he is an excellent instructor and does a great job of presenting information.

He is very relatable and doesn't come across as arrogant or condescending when offering up information about firearms. However, some of the videos can be a bit long for those just getting introduced to GunTube.


TFB TV is the video wing of popular site, The Firearms Blog.

The Firearms Blog itself has over a decade of experience in covering all things firearm related, and it's been producing GunTube content since the end of 2014.

TFB TV has great production quality and presents information in a very easy to follow, no nonsense fashion.

The videos often infuse sarcasm, comedy, and other entertainment effortlessly alongside informational material, making this an easy channel to consume repeatedly.

The content often offers a fresh perspective, even if it's on a subject that has plenty of other coverage. The entertainment value does sometimes add to the length of the videos, though, making them a bit long for some people's liking.

1. IraqVeteran8888

The IraqVeteran8888 channel is named that way because it's the user name of the channel's founder, Eric.

As the username IraqVeteran was already taken, he added the 88 for his favorite NASCAR driver. This too was taken, so he added it a second time, and the name ended up sticking.

The channel is run by two long-time friends, Chad and Eric, with the assistance of Eric's wife, Brandy. Many videos are filmed in a gun store local to the channel, which provides an excellent opportunity to interact with a wide variety of firearms.

The channel's videos consist of lists, weapons testing videos, and a variety of recurring shows such as the popular "Gun Gripes."

The channel provides short-form videos that are easily digestible for new gun owners as well as in-depth long-form videos packed with information.

There is almost no gun-related content that can't be found on the IraqVeteran8888 channel, making it a premiere resource for all gun owners and the cream of the crop when it comes to GunTubers.

Honorable Mentions

There are also a variety of other channels that are excellent at providing information, albeit not necessarily best suited for new gun owners.

These channels can be a bit more niche, and seeing their specificity can begin to expose you to just how deep the GunTube rabbit hole goes.

They're definitely worthy of consideration, or at least filing away for future reference, once you want to expand past looking up specific gun information.

Forgotten Weapons

The Forgotten Weapons channel is an excellent source of edutainment.

It offers entertaining educational content about lesser-known weapons both historical and modern, and you'll likely find yourself glued to Forgotten Weapons once you start watching.

The channel's stated goal is to produce content related to experimental and prototype weapons as well as more conventional guns that you may not have heard of before.

If you want to find a GunTuber that you're guaranteed to learn something new from, Forgotten Weapons is your channel.

Military Arms Channel

The Military Arms Channel (MAC) is similar to Forgotten Weapons in that it provides content related to historical weapons.

However, MAC's content is specifically directed at firearms used throughout history by militaries. Part GunTube and part military history channel, MAC is as informative as it is entertaining.

MAC believes that these firearms are not just important to military history but to history in general.

These arms are presented as important parts of our culture as well as important references for modern arms. MAC believes this is integral to the support of the Second Amendment and to modern firearms training and education.


Nutnfancy is a retired Air Force Colonel who has been producing GunTube content since the early days of YouTube.

One of the original GunTubers, and an early developer of the firearm and gear review format, he has been a GunTube fixture since 2006. Having been an early GunTuber, he has had the time and experience to develop his process into the extremely high-quality content he currently provides.

His content is wholesome although sometimes a little long-winded.

Because of this, his videos aren't necessarily well-suited to quick breaks or to get a specific piece of information. Rather, what you can expect from Nutnfancy is a comprehensive review of firearms, accessories, and other related products.

In fact, he's been doing this so long, he is practically the industry standard for review videos. If you have time to watch a full video, you absolutely won't regret it.

Whether you're a complete newbie or an old pro, there is something of value to be found on YouTube.

The GunTubers you discover and follow will provide you with hours of informative entertainment for many years to come. While this list is not all inclusive by any stretch, it'll give you a good place to start, especially if you’re new to the hobby.

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Gus Terminel
great info. in this day and age it is essential that you understand the legality and responsibility of firearm use. We seem to see more "crazy" behavior then ever before. Be prepared.