California Gun Control Bills Summary AKA Wait, what? Really?!

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California Gun Control Bills Summary AKA Wait, what? Really?!

Gov Brown Doesn't know either

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law several new gun control bills on June 30th, 2016.  Among other things the new gun control legislation bans all internet and out of state purchases of ammunition in California.  A brief description of the bills signed into law are below, the fight against these draconian restriction on the your Second Amendment rights is far from over but this goes to show that shooting sports enthusiasts have to be aware and active in defending their rights in the political arena.  If it can happen to them (and New York and Massachusetts) it can happen to us.

Thanks to the California Rifle and Pistol Association for their write up which we have summarized below

AB 1664 and SB 880 - Extend the definition detachable magazine to include any ammunition feeding device that can be removed with or without the use of a tool without disassembling the firearm action.  This effectively broadens the definition of an assault weapon to include all semi-automatic rifles and pistols with a removable magazine and/or that use a “bullet button” including all AR-15 platform weapons.

AB 1673 - Extends the definition of a firearm to include any unfinished frames or receivers that can be converted into a weapon. This bill could make any object that is associated with a firearm subject to the same regulations that apply to firearms. 

AB 1674  - Expands the current one handgun per 30 days limit to apply to all firearms.  Want to buy a rifle and a sidearm for that upcoming hunt? Too bad. 

AB 1695 - Requires the California State Attorney General to send an informational pamphlet regarding all firearm laws to anyone attempting to purchase a firearm in the State.  It also makes it a misdemeanor to falsely report a firearm stolen (I didn't know that was a problem).  Doing so results in a forfeiture of your Second Amendment rights for 10 years.

AB 2607 - Allows an employer, coworker or mental health worker to file a restraining order on an individual to keep them from owning a gun. This individual would not be allowed to defend themselves until 21 days later. In this time, they would have their Second Amendment rights stripped from them without due process or verification of the claims made by the petitioner.

SB 1235 - Bans internet and out of state ammunition purchases. Requires background checks for ammunition purchasers, licenses to sell ammunition, and collection and reporting of sale information to the California DOJ.

SB 1446 - Outlaws posession of any magazines over 10 rounds.  Provides for the confiscation of lawfully acquired, standard capacity magazines that can hold over 10 rounds even though AB 48 allowed for pre-ban magazines over 10 rounds to be lawfully kept.

SB 894 - Requires the reporting of a lost or stolen gun within 5 days of when a person knows or reasonably should have known of the theft or loss. This bill further victimizes victims by criminalizing the failure to report lost and stolen firearms.

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Ammunition Depot will continue to accept online purchases of ammunition and ship ammo and magazines to California for as long as it remains legal to do so which right now appears to be through the end of 2017.

Ammunition Depot and its affiliates are not lawyers and nothing contained in this article should be considered legal advice.

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