Alternative Calibers for the AR-15 Platform

Alternative Calibers for the AR-15 Platform
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Alternative Calibers for the AR-15 Platform


Alternative Calibers for the AR-15 Platform From Ammunition Depot


The AR-15 firearm platform is far and away one of the most popular civilian (and likely military) firearm platform available. And .223 5.56 ammo is far and away one of the most popular chambering for AR-15s. However, one of the reasons that the AR-15 platform is so popular is its modularity. Often nothing more than an upper receiver group and mag switch-out is required to be shooting another caliber of cartridge from the same rifle.


And the cartridge options available in AR-15 carbines truly run the gamut, from .22 LR plinking to massive thumpers like the .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, and .50 Beowulf. In response to the modularity and innovation of the AR-15 pattern, Ammunition Depot offers not only .223 Winchester chambered rifles (plus bulk .223 ammo) but also an incredibly wide range of ammunition for the other calibers supported by ARs. Even better, that ammo is now backed up by an amazing selection of AR-style rifles chambered for those calibers and offered by Ammunition Depot. The following includes just a few of them.


Diamondback DB10 M-Lok 6.5 Creedmoor


For the sake of accuracy, this Diamondback DB10 M-Lok chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor actually features an AR-10 carrier, progenitor of the AR-15. The 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge is a relatively new innovation, developed by Hornady in 2007, and roughly based on the legendary long-distance shooter the .308 Winchester. The 6.5 Creedmoor has exploded in popularity recently for its incredible long-distance performance. For long-distance game hunting and competition shooting, it’s one of the best and features 20+1/5+1 capacity.




The chambering of traditionally pistol cartridges for carbines has been enjoying a revival across the country, and for good reason. Take the CMMG MK9LE chambered for 9mm. It takes a stick magazine of 32 9mm cartridges, each of which can be shot with little recoil, decreasing muzzle flip and optimizing repeat shot placement. That makes it not only a blast (so to speak) to shoot, but an accurate and effective target or self-defense rifle. Plus, bulk 9mm ammo is quite affordable, so you can shoot your AR all day without breaking the bank.


Savage MSR15 Recon LRP .224 Valkyrie


Before Federal Ammunition necked down their excellent 6.8 SPC case to accommodate a .224 bullet, the long-distance shooting world was strictly the territory of large frame rifles, like the earlier mentioned 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. The result of their innovation was the .224 Valkyrie, a small frame or small platform-supported cartridge that was beautifully AR-15 compatible, but proved an absolute boon for both unbeatable 1,000-plus yard target shooting and long-range varmint hunting.


Set your sights on the unparalleled quality, selection, and service offered by Ammunition Depot at


2 years ago
Did you like this post?
2 years ago at 5:56 PM
So why no 7.62 x 39 mention? A.D. doesn't even offer AR15 magazines in 7.62 x 39. Almost as cheap as 9 mm and a lot more fun to shoot! Shame on you, AMMO DEPOT!.
2 years ago at 5:56 PM
I agree...Leaving out a 7.62 x 39 and 300 Black Out is crazy
2 years ago at 6:26 PM
You left out the 410 bore shotgun and the 7.62x39 AR calibers
gary meronek
2 years ago at 6:31 PM
like to see .17hmr, 7.62X25, & 10MM
2 years ago at 6:31 PM
They make em , it's just expensive and semi custom jobs.
Dave Carpenter
2 years ago at 10:52 PM
What about 204 Ruger??? Any thoughts??
Domenic Pastore Jr.
2 years ago at 8:40 AM
Ummmmm, Excuse me, but where's the 6.8x43SPC SPC ? It's perhaps one of the best 200 - 600 meter cartridges out there for the 5.56 sized AR15 system ? It offers MUCH greater impact properties than the 5.56, & is currently available in quantity of you just take the time to look for it. Just ask some of our D Boys as to how they feel about it ? I'm not declaring it the 'best' ever option, but, it is nonetheless an extremely viable choice.
Domenic Pastore Jr.
2 years ago at 8:43 AM
SORRY, Please edit my preceding Post to show caliber as, 6.8x43 SPC. Apparently my auto-correct has a mind of its own, as it frequently does. THANK YOU
Earnie Ferguson
2 years ago at 9:34 AM
I don't see the 6.8 and creedmore is an ar 10 round!
Earnie Ferguson
2 years ago at 9:38 AM
Oh and don't forget the 6.5 Grendel!
2 years ago at 2:51 PM
My favorite is the 6.5 Grendel with 123 gr for hunting and 100 gr Russian for plinking using the Israeli 6.5 magazines.
2 years ago at 8:47 PM
you forgot 6.5 Grendel it is made for the AR-15 plateform
1 year ago at 12:24 PM
The AR-15 in 7.62x39 is a good caliber for deer hunting, soft point ammo is available at prices comparable to .30-30. You need to pick the right magazines though. FTF common, due to the tapering sides of the AK round that many brands have not mastered. The ASC mags work well. Once you fix the mag issue you are shooting lots of cheap ammo for practice and you can buy S-B or even Hornady ammo for hunting that performs really well. Colt made a couple of LH Sporter models (R6821 and R6830). Unlike the numerous 556 models these run about 1800 bucks if you can find them.
Drew Boles
1 year ago at 10:59 PM
Do all AR-15s shoot both 556 and 223 ammo ? I have one Olympia AR-15 that will shoot both, but not sure in my Bear Creek 223 AR will shoot 556 as well as 223. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
1 year ago at 10:59 PM
Contact bca or get a gunsmith to gauge the chamber
Jeremy M.
1 year ago at 10:59 PM
If your system shows it's chambered for 5.56 NATO it will shoot both. If it shows it's chambered for .223, it will only shoot .223. The 5.56 casing is a fraction longer than the .223 casing that is enough to cause the weapon system to go out of battery.
1 year ago at 10:56 AM
And my favorite is 6.5 Grendel and 6mm ARC
1 year ago at 3:03 PM
I want a 7.62 upper for my ar 15