Gun Review: The Tisas Zigana PX9 Gen3 9mm Pistol

Tisas Zigana PX9 Gun Review
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Gun Review: The Tisas Zigana PX9 Gen3 9mm Pistol

In this gun review featured video, our Ammunition Depot firearms expert Matt provides a complete overview of the relatively unknown Tisas PX9 Gen 3 line of pistols.

Available in three different model variations and in three color options (Black, Flat Dark Earth or Olive Drab with a Cerakote Finished Slide), the PX9 pistol series is chambered in 9mm and come standard with a multitude of unique features.

Constructed with the owner/operator in mind, the Tisas PX9 Gen 3 have an excellent amount of cross compatibility and configurations to meet your unique needs.

Owners can use Glock sights, Sig P226 magazines, and Springfield XD holsters - giving you a wide array of aftermarket accessory choices and options right out of the gate!

Tisas Zigana PX9 Gen3 9mm Pistol Review

The Tisas PX-9 is a feature-packed high-value handgun! Would you consider grabbing one of these for target shooting or self defense? Let us know in the comments! Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe!

Unique Features of the Tisas PX9 Gen 3 Series

  • Polymer Frame w/ Integrated M1913 Rail
  • Hammer Forged Barrel
  • CNC Machined Slide with Forward & Rear Serrations
  • RMR Cut Slide for Mounting Optics
  • Interchangeable and Customizable Grips, Side Panels, and Back-straps offering 27 Grip Configurations
  • Fixed Rear Sight w/ Fiber Optic Front (Glock 9/40 Cut)
  • Removable Flared Magazine Well Adapter
  • Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster Included
  • Waterproof and Lockable Hard Case, w/ Fitted Cut Foam Insert
  • Includes one 20rd Magazine and one 18rd Magazine with Standard Capacity Magazines, w/ Loader (SIG 226 Pattern)
  • Includes Two Standard Capacity Magazines w/ Loader (SIG 226 Pattern) One 20rd Magazine and One 18rd Magazine

Unique Benefits of the Tisas Zigana PX9 Gen3

The PX9 Gen3 is known for its reliability, with a track record of consistent performance and minimal malfunctions or failures to feed, fire, or eject.

The pistol is priced competitively, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking a reliable 9mm pistol without breaking the bank.

The textured polymer grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, allowing for better control and recoil management. The well-balanced design contributes to overall shooting comfort.

Ambidextrous Controls
The inclusion of an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release makes the PX9 Gen3 accessible and easy to operate for both left and right-handed shooters, increasing its versatility.

With its 4.5-inch barrel and reliable sight system, the pistol offers good accuracy and the ability to consistently achieve tight groupings at various distances.

Accessory Rail
The built-in accessory rail under the barrel allows users to attach lights, lasers, or other accessories, enhancing versatility and customization options.

The pistol comes with two 18-round magazines, providing ample ammunition for self-defense or extended-range sessions.

The steel slide and polymer frame combination offers durability and strength without adding excessive weight to the pistol.

Familiar Operation
The PX9 Gen3 follows a design that is familiar to many shooters, making it easier to adapt and operate for those with experience in similar firearms.

Home Defense and Self-Defense
The reliability, capacity, and ease of use make the PX9 Gen3 a suitable option for home defense and self-defense scenarios.

Range Use
The affordability, comfortable grip, and accuracy make the pistol well-suited for recreational shooting and range practice.

Established Manufacturer: Tisas is a reputable firearms manufacturer known for producing reliable and quality firearms, adding to the overall confidence in the PX9 Gen3.

A Brief Introduction to Tisas Firearms

Established in 1993, Tisas Firearms is a Turkish manufacturer known for producing high-quality firearms using modern techniques and state-of-the-art machinery.

The company, whose full name is Trabzon Gun Industry Corporation (Trabzon Silah Sanayi A.Ş.), is based in Trabzon, a city in northeastern Turkey.

Over the years, Tisas has steadily grown in reputation and has become a prominent player in the global firearms market, producing reliable and affordable firearms catering to civilian and military needs.

By 1998, Tisas expanded its product line to include shotguns and semi-automatic pistols, with the most popular lineup being their 9x19mm pistols.

Today, Tisas Firearms is internationally recognized and continues to innovate/expand its product range, offering a variety of models and configurations to suit different needs while emphasizing quality control and rigorous testing.

Click the links to view our available PX9 Models

Tisas PX9 Gen3 Duty 9mm (Flat Dark Earth)

Tisas PX9 Gen3 Duty 9mm w/ Threaded Barrel (Flat Dark Earth)

Tisas PX9 Gen3 Duty 9mm w/ Threaded Barrel (Black)

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a new or experienced firearm owner, the Tisas PX9 is a feature-packed, high-value pistol option that’s well-suited for personal or self-defense.

The PX9 is reliable, durable, and handles extremely well. So, if you are in the market for something new – I highly recommend exploring the Tisas PX9 Gen 3 Series!

Do you have any experience with the Tisas PX9? What did you think, would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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what rear sights do you sell that you have in stock
Ammunition Depot
We have a couple choices in stock, Search for "Rear Sight" in the search bar or copy and paste this URL into your URL bar
Mike sorrell
Bought 2...
First video I've ever watched from this site, and just wanted to say that I found it done well. The gentleman in the video had a good tone and cadence, and injected as much humor as you can in such videos. Informative, with no wasted time insofar as a limited review can be.
John E. Burns
I am a Class 3-FFL dealer. Nice to See a New Product. Looks like it is Compatible with Alot of other Products. Is this a Standard 10rd. or Higher Capacity Weapon? How many mags with the Gun comes with it,(2) or(1)? Is it Ready to shoot or does it Require a Break-In period. a couple hundred FMJ's to go thru the gun, Feed Ramp Break-In? Looks like a good Weapon. What is the Price?
Ammunition Depot
Yes, Glock pattern iron sights, Sig P226 magazines, and Springfield XD pattern holsters. Each model features an optics cut as well. They come with 2 mags, one 18-round, and one 20-round magazine. While Ammunition Depot has not done extensive testing, there was no perceived break-in period necessary. The guns all performed very well at the range.
I have four Tisas 1911 all steel models patterned virtually identically to the M1911's. If it didn't have the Tisas logon on the slide, a lot of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I know the small differences like others, but that's only because people like me and the others that know every 'flaw' are just sick individuals. Most people aren't sick in that respect. Mentally sick, yea, but not firearm knowledgeable sick. I've not had any issues. The Tisas even fit real John Browning Colt parts right down to the mags and for 3/4 less in price of a 'real' 1911 I'll take it.
I bought the Tisas PX9 gen 1 several years ago and is still solid and excellent condition. I have put through 600-700 rounds without any malfunctions and very accurate. There are a lot of good reviews on YouTube to verify.
Wayne H. Hultquist
I bought a Tisas Zigana PX9 Gen 2 about 2 yrs ago.... solid gun, accurate as heck. I love it. Price is great, fits well in the hand, trigger is nice. Had 3 buddy's shoot it and want to buy it from me. NO WAY I'll sell this gun.
What about the threaded barrel you didn’t talk about that
Ray Cote
Somewhat interested but am retired and I need to have an idea of the cost, so we can figure out our finances.
Dain Frantz
They're super cheap right now, if you look around you can find them online for under $250.
Non threaded duty is 299.00 give or take new. Just picked one up 289 new.
Hugh triggs
Great review, spoke at the level understandable to most gun buyers. Very clear and I did not have to rewind it three times to understand it. I'm looking now to find it in the 400 dollar price range, the add is showing it between 500.00 and 600.00 range. Still a nice weapon at that cost point.
Not for the non threaded duty, just picked mine up 289.00 new. Threaded is roughly 20-30 more I think. The tactical is around 509 price I believe.
Hugh triggs
I just got off the phone with a dealer. Thought I would pass this on to those interested in buying this weapon. They will not ship this weapon with the 15 round mags to a State that has a mag capacity restriction. They do not make a ten round version nor can they advise an after market or other model that manufactures a ten round mag. When I asked if the price would be reduced if the mags were not included they said " no" . Suggested I get some mags and have them pinned by my FFL dealer, I told them I'm not a fan of that because it puts stress on the spring and leads to jams.
John Owens
The PX9 gen 3 is going for about $400 on another site. Threaded barrel and 2 mags. 1-18 and 1-20rd.
Gen 2 is a great piece for the money. Large profile but well balanced.
David McBride
Very satisfied owner. Sweet trigger. Nice buy
Mark Dinwiddie / Tennessee
I purchased the Tisas PX9 about 9 months ago and I love this pistol ! Have run about 500 rounds on various brands of ammunition through it and haven't had any problems with this pistol ! An affordable handgun , easy to adjust to your hand with several back straps & side panels , recoil is not a problem , very nice trigger , full size grip . I'm not spending big money for a pistol when this pistol does all I need it to give me a peace of mind , just to mention a certain brand ! My FFL dealer that received my Tisas PX9 , the 2 young men really liked the looks , the style , & working mechanics of this handgun and had never heard of this name , they do now ! Mark Dinwiddie / Tennessee
Mark Dinwiddie
I purchased the Tisas PX9 Gen 3 in 9mm well over a year ago. Being new in this market, I didn’t want to spend more money than needed and especially for a brand name! I am still learning the semi automatic world but I love this pistol! I feel confident in the size and grip as well as the functionality and accuracy of this pistol. I found magazines, holsters, and ammunition before the latest rise of costs. I paid a hair over $300 shipped to my gun shop. I have to admit that I am tight or frugal, so I feel that I found a diamond in the rough before many others and before popularity runs the price upward!