Firearms Facts in America

Firearm Facts in America
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Firearms Facts in America

Gun ownership and the right to bear arms is a proud and essential tradition in America and a deeply ingrained part of American culture.

The right to bear arms is a cornerstone of individual freedom and a fundamental right that should be fiercely defended.

Whether for hunting, self-defense, or simply collecting, millions of Americans own guns and have used them for various purposes dating back to the frontier days of the Wild West to modern times.

However, with gun violence and mass shootings making headlines all too often, it's essential to clearly understand the facts and figures surrounding guns in the United States.

Learn more about firearm trends in America by exploring key gun facts and statistics ranging from ownership rates to crime stats.

Gun Ownership in America
Gun Owning Households in America
Criminal Acquistion of Gun in America

Things That Kill More People Than Rifles

Here is a list of 5 things politicians could ban that would save more lives than an AR "Assault" rifle ban. *True Fact, you are nearly twice as likely to be killed by being punched or kicked than you are by being shot by an AR-style rifle.

Items more dangerous than a rifle

Source: Data from FBI and MongaBay
Rifle homicides in 2019 were 364

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