9 Life-Saving Tips for Women Who Concealed Carry

Womens Concealed Carry Tips
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9 Life-Saving Tips for Women Who Concealed Carry

Top 9 Womens Concealed Carry Safety Tips

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a holster that's comfortable for your body type
  • Consider carrying your firearm in a purse and only use purses designed for concealed carry
  • Practice drawing your firearm
  • Make sure children cannot access your gun
  • Be aware of your surroundings and walk confidently
  • Trust your instincts and don't worry about looking "polite"
  • Make sure your firearm is loaded and ready to go

How many times have you stood outside your vehicle searching for your keys in your bag unaware of what's happening around you?

How often have you walked through a dark parking garage or an empty street completely vulnerable to anyone in the area?

It only takes a moment for someone to approach you, grab you, and take you away with force, and you need to be prepared for these situations. 

Women, in particular, need to be armed and ready in case they face a violent offender, and a conceal and carry license can be critical as part of your self-defense strategy.

However, women have to take a few extra considerations into account. This guide provides tips and tricks women can use to improve their safety.

1. Consider your body type when choosing your holster

Women came in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes, but sometimes, their shapes can present challenges when deciding how to carry a firearm.

Thin women should consider belly bands for their flexibility or a cross-draw carry that keeps the gun discretely near your middle.

They may also want to consider thin holsters that don't add a lot of bulk under their clothing.

Average size women may want to look into concealment leggings or shorts — they are comfortable and minimize the print of the gun.

Using bellybands and carrying cross draw can also work well, and if you're carrying a .380, you may want to consider a bra holster. 

Larger women may want to consider a cross-draw that keeps the grip of their gun just under their breast and away from their bellies.

Some like a corset holster or a wider belly band that keeps the gun conveniently accessible while also providing a slimming effect.

Ultimately, you may need to experiment with a few different holsters until you find the right fit for your situation. 

2. Consider an off-body carry carefully

If you cannot find a way to comfortably carry your firearm on your person, you may want to explore off-body carry.

There are all kinds of purses that allow you to easily carry a firearm while also complimenting your outfit.

Make sure you choose a purse designed for concealing and carrying.

These purses have a special pocket that lets you access the gun as quickly and easily as possible.

However, be sure you don't leave your purse lying around and risk that someone may grab it and steal your gun. 

3. Practice, practice, practice

Simply carrying a gun does not protect you from violent crimes.

You need to be ready to use the gun quickly, skillfully, and accurately, and this requires practice.

Practice shooting your gun as much as possible and consider training for active-shooter and abduction scenarios.

Additionally, practice pulling your gun out of its holster.

Keep in mind that you probably need extra practice if you're using a purse to carry your gun because it's typically more challenging to draw a gun out of a bag.

4. Make sure children cannot access your gun

If you're a mom or someone who takes care of children on a regular basis, concealed carry helps you protect yourself as well as the children with you.

However, you also need to ensure that the gun never becomes a threat to the children.

Whether you're carrying on or off your body, make sure that curious children cannot find or grab your firearm.

5. Practice situational awareness

Be aware of your surroundings.

Whenever possible, try to avoid areas where you are at risk. Stay in well-populated, well-lit areas with security personnel present. If that is not possible, pay attention to your surroundings.

Avoid wearing noise-canceling headphones and don't get distracted by your phone.

Also, find your keys before you get to your vehicle and know where you're going.

6.Be ready to draw your firearm if needed

Women need to be ready in case a threat appears.

In addition to having your firearm easily accessible, make sure that your hands are free and that you are not carrying anything except your keys.

Always know exactly where your firearm is.

7. Carry yourself with confidence

Predators prey on victims they perceive to be weak.

Even if you're having a rough day, make sure that you stand tall and carry yourself with confidence. Look passersby directly in the eye.

This shows people that you are strong, confident, and aware that they are around you. It can also be helpful if you need to identify a perpetrator.

8. Trust your instincts

Your gut is almost always right, but throughout their lives, women are taught to ignore their instincts.

If you get into an elevator and you have a bad feeling about the person in there, just step out and wait for the next one.

You don't need to worry if your actions don't seem polite or look weird. You need to respect and honor your instincts — they're your first line of defense. 

9. Make sure your firearm is ready to go

Keep your firearm clean so it performs well and make sure it's loaded and ready to go.

Consider keeping hollow point rounds in your handgun.

They expand on impact, allowing internal organs and tissues of the target to be severely impacted and wounded much quicker.

They are also safer for high-traffic areas because they stop moving forward when they penetrate the target, which reduces the risk of them over penetrating and damaging whatever is behind the target. 

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