History of the Lake City Lake Ammunition Plant

Lake City Ammunition Plant
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History of the Lake City Lake Ammunition Plant

Established by Remington Arms in 1941, the Lake City Ammunition Plant (LCAPP) is U.S. government-owned, contractor-operated 3,935-acre facility located in northeastern Independence, Missouri.

Originally intended to manufacture and test small caliber ammunition for the U.S. Army, the Lake City Ammunition Plant has since become the single largest producer of small arms ammunition for the United States Armed Forces.

Additionally, the LCAPP has remained in continuous operation except for one 5-year period following World War II. As of July 2007, the plant produced nearly 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition per year.

Lake City Ammo Plant Background

From April 2001, it was operated by Alliant Techsystems (ATK), later known as Orbital ATK after a 2015 merger between Orbital Sciences Corporation and parts of Alliant Techsystems.

Orbital ATK was acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2018 and is now known as Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems.

Starting in October 2020, Winchester Ammunition was selected by the US Army to operate and manage the Lake City Plant.

Lake City Ammo Plant Location

LCAAP is housed on 3,935 acres with 375 buildings, 80 magazines, 25 warehouses, 14 igloos and storage capacity of 652,837 square feet.

Lake City Ammo Plant Capabilities:

    The manufacturing capabilities of the plant include:

    • Small arms cartridges
    • Small caliber ammunition
    • Components such as percussion and electric primer
    • Pyrotechnics
    • Demilitarization and disposal of small caliber ammunition and explosives

    The plant also performs reliability testing on the following small ammunition calibers: 5.56 mm; 7.62 mm; 9 mm, .22 caliber; .45 caliber; and .50 caliber

    Lake City Ammunition Plant

    The Lake City Ammunition Factory is the world's largest producer of small-arms ammunition. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the needs of our troops on the battlefields around the globe.

    The factory has an annual production capacity of more than 1 billion rounds of small-arms ammunition. In addition, the factory is the only producer of M855A1 rounds and is currently utilized by the U.S. Army.

    Over the years, Lake City Ammunition has become one of America's leading ammunition producers, supplying both military and civilian markets with high-quality products and producing some of the best ammo available anywhere in the world.

    As a result, the Lake City Ammunition factory is a vital part of our nation's defense infrastructure, helping to protect our freedoms and keep our citizens safe.

    The men and women who work at this plant are patriots who deserve our thanks for their service to our country. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their contribution to America's security.

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