How Ammunition Depot Gun Giveaways Work

Ammunition Depot Gun Giveaways
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How Ammunition Depot Gun Giveaways Work

Here at Ammunition Depot, we love to show appreciation for customers by hosting and participating in giveaways that provide you guys the chance to collect incredible prizes.

Giveaways are also an important way for us to gather email addresses for new customers, and grow our audience.

Sometimes, however, we hear complaints that Giveaways aren’t real and that no one actually wins anything. In this post, we are going to get as transparent as possible and explain how our Giveaways work.

We love to participate and create these Giveaways for you guys, and they can provide a great boost to our brand awareness as well, so we hope this can clear the air!

Why Are Gun Giveaways Important for our Industry?

I’m going to lay out the ugly truth here and most of you are not going to like it. Giveaways are critical for our industry, as we need to generate the email leads and social media follows that a Giveaway can create.

Yes, after entering a giveaway, you’re going to get emails from us and the other Giveaway partners trying to get you to buy something.

Hopefully, though, you like what we have to offer; ammunition, magazines, guns, and gear at great prices with the best customer service in the industry!    

The very sad and unfortunate truth is that due to most marketing companies, social media platforms, and service providers taking a political stance against our industry, we have to fight to do our jobs with one hand tied behind our backs.

For example, almost anything can be advertised on Facebook for sale these days - except the totally legal and legitimate products that we here at Ammunition Depot offer and that you probably want to buy! When we create paid/sponsored posts on META platforms, we are threatened with account deletion and are suppressed.  

Directly marketing to you, the consumer, via emails gathered from GIveaways lets us bypass those suppressive entities out there that want to stifle our 2nd Amendment right AND it makes sure Ammunition Depot stays successful and that I continue to get a paycheck!

Setting Up a Gun Giveaway

The first part of the process for our giveaways is to determine what items are going to be included. This is the hardest part for me, personally, because I want the items myself and I can’t participate!

Our main gig here at Ammunition Depot is, as you can probably guess, selling ammunition -  so we’ve gotta include ammo in your prize.  

We may also give away something cool like a rifle or a pistol, and oftentimes we like to get together with a partner to expand the giveaway offering and diversify the prizes being offered.

The most important part of the process I want our followers to know about happens next.  

At Ammunition Depot, we don’t administer the giveaways ourselves!  We use a third party called ViralSweep to run the giveaways. For us, it’s as simple as plugging in our information, adding images and legal information, and then letting ViralSweep run with the ball to accept participants’ contact info while the giveaway is active.

We set a start and ending date for the giveaway to run, and ViralSweep handles it all, including the most important part…PICKING THE WINNER!

Ammo Depot Gun Giveaways

Picking the Winner

The picking of the winner is the easiest part of the process for me, as I don’t have to worry about the hassle of actually conducting the drawing.

Viral Sweep’s automated system, operating totally independently of Ammunition Depot, chooses the winner for us!
The winner is selected at random without any input from us.

“You Won A Giveaway!”

After ViralSweep informs us of who the winner is, all I have to do is contact them to let them know that they won! Oftentimes it can be difficult to reach you guys after you win; make sure you check your emails and spam folders! 

But when we do get in touch with the winner, It’s fun to hear the disbelief and then the excitement, in someone’s voice when you tell them they won a cool prize.

After that, we put them in touch with our Customer Service team to arrange for the delivery of the prizes. In most cases, ammunition, magazines, optics, and gear can be delivered directly to the winner’s address, but items such as firearms have to be sent to qualified and licensed dealers for delivery.

All I have to say now is GOOD LUCK!

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Your employees are knowledgeable and well spoken
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