A Closer Look at the Ultra-Versatile .300 AAC Blackout

.300 AAC Blackout Ammo
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A Closer Look at the Ultra-Versatile .300 AAC Blackout

For anyone who's spent the past few years meditating in a mountaintop monastery, or doing research in Antarctica, .300 AAC Blackout has increasingly become established as the alternative caliber for the AR-15.

With the exception of the forever-popular .22 LR, it's very likely that more people are shooting .300 AAC Blackout from AR-15s than anything but the .223 Remington.

It's not like there aren't other excellent calibers for the AR-15 platform that remain popular.

But whether Grendel or SOCOM, Creedmoor or Valkyrie, propelled by buzz or hype, Blackout has rocketed past them all in popularity.

While there are inevitably going to be shooters for whom it’s just not their cup of tea, that popularity isn’t just hype or an overrated, flavor-of-the-month cartridge.

The .300 AAC Blackout has earned its place in the top echelon of centerfires with impressive versatility.

Small and Medium Game

While the .300 AAC Blackout was originally designed as an AR-15 (M4) compatible suppressible military cartridge to provide a harder thump for close-quarters combat, the civilian market is where it has truly shined.

And without a doubt, the niche in which it’s being hailed as the perfect solution is medium-game hunting—hog hunting in particular. 

As a (mostly) subsonic cartridge that hits hard, suppressed hog hunting with .300 AAC Blackout is now an established subculture.

While its effective range can be impressive, it’s likely not the best choice for picking off groundhogs at 1,000 yards.

Within a few hundred yards, however, acknowledging the larger bullet, it could be a varmint-tagger in a pinch.

Big Game

Its success as a medium game/hog cartridge has driven many hunters to seek .300 AAC Blackout for sale before bigger game hunts.

As mentioned, its original intent as a subsonic, close-quarters, short-barrel cartridge has somewhat inaccurately typecast it as exclusively effective under those conditions.

At closer range, within a few hundred yards, even subsonic and suppressed, it’s a perfectly suitable deer cartridge. However, many hunters have been loading hotter supersonic .300 AAC Blackout into longer-barreled AR-15s and turning them toward bigger game. 

Many hunters have reported them performing admirably against elk at up to 500 yards, with some reporting accurate hits from up to 800 yards.

If that weren’t enough, there has also been an increase in accounts of supersonic, heavier-grain .300 AAC Blackout carried to go hunting for or as protection from Alaskan grizzly.  

Home Defense

It will surprise no one that the .223 Remington is a better cartridge than the Blackout for long-range varmint shooting.

This is because the .223 Remington is a small, zippy round in front of a lot of powder, that flies far, fast, and flat.

It’s precisely those attributes, however, that have made it a controversial choice, in many circles, for home defense. The .300 AAC Blackout, on the other hand, has a lot going for it as a home defense caliber—everything it was designed for. 

Home defense situations are (realistically) probably never going to involve making accurate 1,000-yard shots.

They’re going to be close-quarters and indoors. And what better for an indoor defensive scenario than a cartridge that is subsonic, can be suppressed to spare your eardrums, packs a wallop, and is optimized for a short-barreled, maneuverable carbine?

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Ben M
Nice article. I love my pistol build, 10.5". The versatility is certainly what sold me on the caliber, and to take advantage of various loadings, I installed an adjustable gasblock from superlative arms. Not sure when I'll get a can, but I installed a lantac dragon muzzle brake, ASR mount, for when I do.
As a gun lover anything related to them is always interesting to me.