5 of the Best States for Gun Enthusiasts

5 of the Best States for Gun Enthusiasts
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5 of the Best States for Gun Enthusiasts

In a country that seems to be constantly tightening the noose when it comes to restrictive gun control laws, there are still several states in our union that allow gun enthusiasts to exist in relative peace.

It’s worth examining the specific rules and regulations of each state before deciding where to hold your show or hunting party, or even where to pick out your retirement plot.


Not only is there a strong historical attachment to guns in Alabama, a state where Civil War reenactment enthusiasts are just as likely to have a rifle rack as the office worker next door, but there’s an economic one here as well.

The giant Remington Outdoor Company, once known as the Freedom Group, is working on consolidating their operations here.

This not only provides a large number of jobs for the area but also increases state revenue.

A Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit is quick and painless – no training is required to obtain a license in this state.

*Current Alabama gun law information as of January 2016.


Texas is one of the most accommodating states when it comes to responsible gun ownership, allowing its citizens to openly carry a licensed weapon virtually anywhere they like as of January 1, 2016.

While open carry handguns must be in a shoulder or belt holster, no specialized security holster is needed.

Carrying long guns is already legal in this state, and concealed carry weapons permits are recognized for both residents and many nonresidents of this state, making it a great location for gun-related sporting events.

Weapons that appear tactical in nature have no additional restrictions, and use-of-force laws are equally strong here for those concerned for the safety of themselves and their families.

*Current Texas gun law information as of March 2016.


Speaking of use-of-force laws, Georgia is another state that believes strongly in your right to protect yourself.

If someone is committing a felony against you, invading your home, or invading your private property, the state of Georgia allows you to defend yourself.

Georgia takes this right a step further with a state law that specifically bans cities from overruling these laws.

*Current Georgia gun law information as of January 2016.


With much of the state consisting of wilderness, it shouldn’t be a surprise that common sense rules over the gun control laws in the state of Alaska — even when it comes to handguns.

It’s legal to carry a concealed handgun without the need for a permit so long as you are legally allowed to own one.

Also, this unique state recognizes the permits/licenses of non-residents from literally any other state.

One of the only restrictions on gun ownership here is just as obvious: it’s illegal to own anything that the federal government has specifically banned. Other than that,

*Current Alaska gun law information as of January 2016.


If you’re looking for a state that has it all when it comes to being a true gun enthusiast, Arizona can’t be beat.

In addition to strong gun ownership laws that allow for permitted and permitless carry, a recent law established that gun transfers can’t be regulated differently than the transfer of other types of property.

Many of the leading gun and ammunition companies make this state their home for a reason, and it isn’t just the gun laws – it’s the culture.

From bars to clubs to chatting with your neighbor about your next trip out to the desert to giving your new gear a test drive, this is a state where every gun owner can quickly and easily feel right at home.

*Current Arizona gun law information as of January 2016.

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I moved to Arizona from California 10 years ago ! Man was that a wise decision ! I love being able to talk with other gun enthusiast's and not feel like a criminal ! I now shoot twice a week and enjoy all my different handguns.
Like Dave, I have also found a gun enthusiast’s haven here in Arizona. It’s refreshing to enjoy my hobby in a supportive atmosphere, free from stigma. California was a nice place to grow up, but I wouldn’t live there again under any circumstance.