15 Of The Best Gun Blogs For Women Who Like To Shoot

Best Gun Blogs for Women
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15 Of The Best Gun Blogs For Women Who Like To Shoot

Women shooters are the single fastest growing segment1 in the firearms industry.

In fact, according to Shoot Like A Girl, a company whose goal is to increase the number of female participants in the shooting sports, participation by women in the industry has increased by as much as 189% in some disciplines.

With so much growth of women shooters of all types, it can be difficult to navigate the internet in search of the specific information that’s wanted.

Whether you’re an all-around outdoorsy type girl, a concealed carry fashionista, a blossoming competitive shooter or just enjoy learning about guns from other women, there’s something tailored to everyone.

We’ve scoured the internet and found the top 15 women shooter blogs to help women of all walks of life find the site that fits their personality best.

The list below is in alphabetical order.

A Girl & A Gun

This ladies-only shooting league has set their sights on taking beginning shooters to any skill level they wish to achieve.

They share a wealth of knowledge on personal empowerment with a special emphasis on encouraging more women to participate in competitive shooting.

Julianna Crowder, the founder of AG & AG, is a certified NRA instructor and concealed handgun instructor for the state of Texas.

New posts are published weekly.

A Girl & A Gun Logo


Hunt. Fish. Explore. Live.

If you’re an outdoor woman looking to improve your skills in hunting, fishing, gathering or gardening - or if you’ve got skills in these areas you’d like to showcase - check out Adventuress.

Founder Jennifer Pudenz started this publication in 2014 to give women a place to share and learn about the outdoors. Articles are broken down into a simple, easy to follow format so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

New posts are published in bulk each season.

Adventuress Logo

American Woman Shooter

Like many of the other blogs we’ve listed on here, Lucretia Free, founder of AWS, started the site shortly after being introduced to shooting.

What makes this blog different is that she organizes articles from other sites that specialize in all areas of shooting. In their focus to attract more women to the joys of shooting, they also include several articles related to beauty, health, and fashion.

*Update: As of 12-06-2023, the American Woman Shooter Website is Currently Down

American Woman Shooter Logo

Front Sight Press

FSP is unlike any other blog mentioned in our list.

As a teacher in the legal studies program at the University of Memphis, lawyer, and firearms instructor, her focus is second amendment advocacy. With no political aspirations, her articles aim to break down some of the old stereotypes that she thinks are hurting the cause.

New posts are published once or twice monthly.

Front Sight Press Logo

Gun Goddess

Are you a woman who likes colorful, shiny things but also likes to shoot? Then check out the original Gun Goddess - Athena Means.

Shortly after she started training to be a competitive shooter, she grew tired of trying to find functional but feminine gear, both at the range and for concealed carry.

In addition to finding everything that will ensure you look like a “girly girl” but packing some serious heat, you’ll find a wealth of information about getting started shooting, carrying during pregnancy, traveling with your guns, gun safety around kids, and much more.

New posts are published up to three times a month.

Gun Goddess Logo

Gun Tote’n Mamas

Keep up on the latest news and trends involving women and firearms with Gun Tote’n Mamas.

They specialize in making high quality, fashionable concealed carry bags for women that have been tested by the FBI and Navy Seals, but also advocate the empowerment of women shooters through their articles.

New posts are published up to three times a month.

Gun Tote'n Mamas Logo

Huntress View

Since 2013, Andrea Crider has been helping women, regardless of experience, gain insight into hunting from a woman’s point of view.

Since then, her team of contributors has grown to nearly 40 women who test products, offer tips on getting in hunting shape, preparing for hunts, and even wild game recipes.

New posts are published weekly.

Huntress View Logo

ReelCamo Girl

Lauren Hill created this site for all ladies to love the outdoors and supporting wildlife conservation and sustainability.

While the site isn’t exclusively about guns, there’s plenty of information to be found in the form of product reviews, shooter spotlights, and how-to guides.

For those avid huntresses out there, they also share plenty of unique recipes you can try using the game you worked so hard for.

New posts are published 2-3 times monthly.

ReelCamo Girl Logo

Style Me Tactical

Emily Valentine launched SMT in 2015 as a lifestyle blog for women who want to carry and stay as fashionable as possible.

Her articles started from when she first considered carrying a gun and chronicle the lessons she’s learned on her way to the upcoming season of “Love At First Shot”  on NRA TV.

Topics range from shooting drills as a newbie, product testing and how to sport Gucci and heels while carrying concealed. She also offers tips on beauty and wellness to help women look and feel their best without the emphasis on guns.

New posts are published several times a week.

Style Me Tactical Logo

The Cornered Cat

“When a cat feels threatened...she does only as much as she needs to do in order to escape.”

This snippet from TCC demonstrates the founder’s goal with this site...to educate people to take personal responsibility for their own safety. Kathy Johnson, a firearms instructor and homeschool mom, teaches instructors and newbies alike.

Get an in-depth understanding of legal concerns about self-defense, situational awareness, the use of lethal force and much more.

New posts are published up to several times a month.

The Cornered Cat Logo

The Well Armed Woman

Claiming to be the resource for the woman gun owner, this blog doesn’t disappoint.

Whether you’re just getting started in the joys of gun ownership or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find a wealth of information from how you select your first gun through training at various stages of experience and scenarios.

They even include a complete gun glossary from A-Z broken down into four digestible sections. Founder Carrie Lightfoot is a member of the NRA Board of Directors and is a certified instructor through the NRA and USCCA.

New posts are published once a month.

The Well Armed Woman Logo

Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction

As a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault, there are few better resources for empowering women than Marchelle “Tig” Washington, founder of THFI.

With the goal of teaching personal safety more than anything else, a lot of the articles found here are just as applicable to men as they are women.

Topics include tips for saving money as a new shooter, situational awareness on and off the range and unique insights as a firearms instructor.

New posts are published as often as three times a day

Trigger Happy Firearms Instruction Logo

US Concealed Carry (Women & Guns)

While the site itself isn’t dedicated exclusively to women, columnist Beth Alcazar has been writing this section tailored to women since early 2014.

As a mom who carries, she shares insights from her own daily experiences involving kids, guns, and everything women need to know when it comes to protecting themselves and their families.

New posts are published every week on Tuesday.

US Concealed Carry Logo

Women and Guns

Unsponsored product reviews and an emphasis on self-defense and personal protection. That’s what you get with W&G. The authors focus on sharing real-life encounters and profiles on role-model women gun owners.

New posts are published in conjunction with the release of their print publication every two months.

Women and Guns Logo

Women’s Outdoor News

This well-organized site is the go-to place for women of all walks of life who love the outdoors. From camping, hunting, and fishing all the way to hardcore competitive shooters, this site has it all.

A strong core of contributors comprised of national competitive shooting champions, survival experts and experienced huntresses ensure there’s no topic left unexplored.

New posts are published several times a day.

Women's Outdoor News Network Logo


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