Review: The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster - VERSATILE!

Cytac Mega-Fit Holster
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Review: The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster - VERSATILE!

When it comes to choosing a holster, versatility, comfort, and security are paramount. The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster promises to deliver on all these fronts, boasting compatibility with over 150 different semi-automatic pistol models. This makes it an intriguing option for a wide range of shooters, from law enforcement officers to everyday carry enthusiasts. In this blog, we delve deep into the features and performance of this universal holster to help you determine if it's the right choice for your carrying needs.

Solving a Problem

In the past, the only real choice in universal holsters was typically designed to accommodate a range of pistol sizes within a certain category. These holsters are often constructed from nylon canvas, incorporating padding between layers for added protection, and feature a basic adjustable nylon "thumb-strap" for firearm retention. However, such holsters often result in questionable firearm fit and unreliable retention. Over time, these holsters begin to wear, and their ability to securely hold the firearm is diminished even further. This could lead to dangerous situations, making these holsters more suitable for off-body gun storage rather than daily carry. Today, the need for a more robust solution is clear—a hard holster that maintains its shape, protects the trigger, and features a reliable and adjustable retention system.

The author recognizes this style of holster has its uses but believes they should be reserved for off-body firearms storage and not for carrying on the waistband.

Exceptional Compatibility

One of the standout features of the Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster is its wide-ranging compatibility. Designed to fit more than 150 models of semi-automatic pistols, this holster uses an adjustable retention system that allows for a secure fit for various firearm sizes. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who own multiple handguns and prefer not to purchase a different holster for each one.

To test the compatibility of the Cytac Mega-Fit holster, I grabbed three random pistols available to me from around the office. I grabbed a decent variety of pistols in varying sizes to illustrate the versatility of the Cytac Mega-Fit Holster. 

The author tested five random pistols from around the office to experiment with the compatibility of the Cytac Mega-Fit holster and was not disappointed!

Design and Build Quality

The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster is crafted from high-quality polymer, making it durable yet lightweight. The rugged construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of daily use, whether on the job or for personal defense. Its design includes an adjustable belt-slide attachment that makes it easy to attach various-sized belts, offering convenience and time-saving benefits. Sizing for belt thickness is done easily by turning an adjustment screw.

The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster features durable polymer construction.

Retention and Security

Security is non-negotiable when choosing a holster. The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series features an adjustable passive retention system that secures the weapon in place until it is intentionally drawn. The audible clicking sound upon re-holstering provides reassuring feedback that the firearm is securely locked in place, adding an extra layer of safety.

The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series holster features two simple retention systems: 1.) It can be adjusted for a tight fit on the pistol using the included Allen wrench, and 2.) the passive retention device doesn't require any action from the user other than holstering a pistol; it can be engaged by actuating it with the thumb on the draw stroke.

Practical Testing and Performance

Practical tests show that the holster performs well in various scenarios, from dynamic shooting drills to everyday wear. Drawing from the holster is smooth and quick, with the adjustable retention allowing for a customized draw resistance. Re-holstering is straightforward and secure, which is crucial during high-stress situations where attention needs to remain on the surroundings. The Cytac Mega-Fit holster's practicality greatly benefits from its feature of adjustable cant so that users can set the perfect angle for the holster and gun on their beltline as well. The adjustable belt loop attachment further adds to this universal fit holster's practicality by allowing users to size it from thin casual belts to thicker duty-style belts. 

The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster is not only adjustable to fit multiple semi-automatic pistols but also adjustable for belt size and cant! 


The Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster is a formidable option for anyone seeking a versatile, durable, and secure carrying solution. Its ability to accommodate a vast array of pistol models, combined with its solid construction and thoughtful design, makes it a worthwhile investment for both professional and civilian use. Whether you're at the range, on patrol, or carrying concealed, this holster meets the demands of a variety of situations, proving that you do not need to sacrifice quality for versatility. Check out the Cytac Mega-Fit T-Series Holster at Ammunition Depot and see how it can enhance your carrying experience.

Cytac Mega Fit Universal Holster
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