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Winchester USA White Box ammunition stands as a hallmark of quality and reliability, making it a top choice for firearm enthusiasts nationwide. This bulk package offers 420 rounds of Winchester USA 223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ ammo, neatly packed in a robust heavy-duty Ammo Can. Perfectly designed for a range of uses, from recreational shooting to more demanding applications like competition and defense, these cartridges are a versatile option for any shooter. Each round features a 55-grain full metal jacket projectile, renowned for its consistency and accuracy. The heat-treated casings ensure durability, while the dependable propellants and primers guarantee reliable performance. With a muzzle velocity exceeding 3,200 feet per second, these cartridges deliver impressive power and penetration, making them an excellent choice for your AR-15 or any other firearm chambered in 223/5.56.

  • Contains 21 boxes, totaling 420 rounds
  • Alloy steel construction ammo can
  • Airtight can for secure, long-term storage

The included Ammo Can, constructed from durable alloy steel and featuring an airtight seal, is an added bonus, ensuring your ammunition stays protected and preserved under various conditions. This package is particularly ideal for those who frequent the range or participate in competitive shooting. It also serves well for managing varmints and small predators, offering reliable and consistent performance. While these rounds are suitable for some defensive scenarios, especially in rural or open areas, urban users may consider different ammunition types for defense, due to the high penetration capability of these rounds. Whether for training, competition, or practical use, this Winchester USA 223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ ammo bundle in an ammo can is an excellent investment for any shooter looking for quality, performance, and value. Order your 223 ammo online today!

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More Information

More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Winchester
Manufacturer SKU W223KCAN-420
Condition New
Projectile FMJ
Grain 55 Grain
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 3240 fps
Muzzle Energy 1282 ft lbs
Rounds Per Box 420
Suggested Use Practice

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