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Discover the pinnacle of shotgun performance with Federal Premium's 410 Gauge 8 Shot Heavyweight TSS ammunition, a game-changer for hunters and shooting enthusiasts who demand the best. This premium ammunition is engineered for excellence, starting with the highest quality primers that undergo rigorous inspections to guarantee consistent ignition and performance with every shot. The precision doesn't stop there; Federal Premium utilizes specially formulated, clean-burning propellants that adhere to the most stringent specifications, ensuring reliability and consistency across every aspect of the ammunition. The true standout feature is the Heavyweight TSS payload, crafted from a tungsten-alloy material with an impressive density of 18 gm/cc, making it 22 percent denser than standard tungsten and 56 percent denser than lead. This superior density translates to unparalleled energy and velocity, even at extreme ranges, setting a new standard for what shooters can expect from their ammunition.

  • Federal Premium 410 Gauge 3" 13/16 oz 8 Shot Heavyweight TSS
  • Tungsten-alloy TSS with 18 gm/cc density
  • FLITECONTROL FLEX wad for consistent patterns
  • 5 Rounds Per Box
  • 50 Rounds Per Case

Enhanced further by the innovative FLITECONTROL FLEX wad, this ammunition delivers tight, consistent patterns that are unmatched in the industry, performing flawlessly through both ported and standard turkey chokes. The combination of these advanced components results in a shooting experience that is both uniquely powerful and precise, offering the most energy and highest velocities to achieve remarkable performance at any distance. Whether you're aiming for accuracy in competitive shooting or seeking reliability for your hunting expeditions, Federal Premium's 410 Gauge 8 Shot Heavyweight TSS ammo is designed to exceed expectations, ensuring that every shot counts with unmatched consistency and lethal precision. Experience the difference that comes with loading your firearm with ammunition that's been crafted to the highest standards of quality and performance. Order your 410 Gauge ammo online today!

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer SKU PTSS419F8
UPC 604544677287
Condition New
Manufacturer Federal
Brand Premium
Caliber 410 Gauge
Projectile 8 Shot
Ounces 13/16 oz
Shot 8 Shot
Casing Brass/Plastic
Muzzle Velocity 1100 fps
Rounds Per Box 5
Boxes Per Case 10
Suggested Use Hunting / Varmint

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