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Federal's .22 Magnum cartridges are a consistent, reliable, and an accurate choice for use on the range, in competition, for recreation or matches and training. With Federal's American Eagle Black Packs these tried-and-true rounds come at an exceptional value! Ammunition Depot is very excited to be able to offer these spectacular Black Pack bulk boxes with authentic wooden ammo crates built in a classic military surplus style! This unique ammo and crate bundle is only available for order here at Ammunition Depot.

The higher round count per dollar helps you stretch your range time out in a cost-effective way! As ammunition re-loaders already know, American Eagle rounds come with brand-new reloadable brass casings that contain dependable components like boxer primers and predictable propellants for tight groups on target. If you want some more FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) rounds for your rimfire weaponry Federal's Black Packs are a great choice. These 40-grain FMJ rounds are perfectly suited for range or competition use in your 22 magnum weapons.

When your personal wooden ammunition crate arrives you will open the shipping box and see the American Flag pattern that spreads over the lid of the crate with the words "We the People" centered. Your crate has carrying indents on each side to help you lift it from the box as it will be heavy and full of brand-new ammo for you! Bring your ammo crate to the range or take the ammo out and leave the crate around the house. The stained wood will look great in your living room or study, or it can handle your spare small parts in the workshop, or hold up some books on a bookshelf! Here at Ammunition Depot these crates are always re-filled with more ammo for the range as standard-sized boxes fit very well inside also.  

For display, utility, or as a gift, these vintage-style wooden crates will look perfect stacked up in the gun room or tucked into your bookshelf. Have a few sent to your door while they are still in stock!

More Information

More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Federal
Manufacturer SKU 737BF250-CRATE
Condition New
Brand American Eagle
Caliber 22 Mag/WMR
Projectile FMJ
Grain 40 Grain
Casing Brass
Primer Type Rimfire
Suggested Use Practice

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